About Lawcadia

Does Lawcadia practice law?


We are of the view that to operate Lawcadia to the full benefit of both companies and law firms, we need to be completely independent. For us, to be completely independent and provide a platform that both law firms and companies can trust in the manner designed by Lawcadia, meant that Lawcadia could not practice law. Further, no directors or employees of Lawcadia are partners or employees of a law firm.

Who are the shareholders of Lawcadia?

Lawcadia is completely independent of any law firms. The shares in Lawcadia are solely held by directors, management and employees of Lawcadia and entities that are controlled by them.

What jurisdictions does Lawcadia cover?

Lawcadia has global coverage in significant markets including Singapore, Hong Kong, UK, USA, and Australia. With an initial focus on the Australian market, this means we can readily support companies that are based in Australia or international companies with Australian offices.

Legal Procurement

What is legal procurement?

The focus of legal procurement is to make the buying of legal services more transparent and aims to help the legal department to make the objective, data-based decisions that deliver value to their organisation.

What are the benefits of legal procurement?

Organisations that use a disciplined procurement approach find that it provides greater transparency, and consequently, a greater ability to justify legal spend and law firm selection to internal and external stakeholders.

Importantly, legal procurement processes and practices often result in cost savings, with some companies saying they have saved up to 30% on their legal spend.

Why are companies interested in legal procurement?

The Buying Legal Council, in their 2016 research report on legal procurement, share the top five reasons why companies are integrating procurement into their legal departments:

1. Desire to manage legal spend

2. More effective way to negotiate

3. More efficient procurement process management

4. Measure best value

5. More objective comparisons of legal service providers

Performance Evaluation System

How does our Performance Evaluation System work?

When each matter is closed, the company will be asked to evaluate the law firm’s performance on that matter. These performance evaluations then attach to the profile for the lead partner for that matter.

Law firms are evaluated based on six criteria:

  1. Pricing Transparency
  2. Project Management
  3. Responsiveness
  4. Commerciality of Advice
  5. Understanding Client’s Business
  6. Expertise

The full questions that companies are asked under each of these criteria are set out in our Ratings Policy.

Performance evaluations are only visible once a partner has been the lead partner on five (5) matters that have been closed.

Our performance evaluations attach to an individual partner, as opposed to the law firm, so companies see the average performance evaluations specifically related to the lead partner.

Who sees the performance evaluation?

Performance evaluations will be visible when a law firm responds to a tender. Performance evaluations will not be searchable.

In future, we may aggregate performance evaluations for all partners within a particular law firm and disclose law firm evaluations when any partner from that law firm tenders for a new matter. 

Will a partner know what their performance evaluations are?

Yes. After a matter is closed and a company has provided their performance evaluations, the lead partner is notified as to how the company has evaluated the law firm for that matter.

Also, each partner registered with Lawcadia will be able to see their average performance evaluation in their profile.

What if a person disputes the performance evaluation provided by a company?

If a law firm disputes the performance evaluation a company has provided for a particular matter, that law firm may contact us in accordance with the dispute process set out in our Ratings Policy. Lawcadia will endeavour to speak to the law firm, the lead partner and the company who has provided the performance evaluation prior to making any determination regarding the evaluation, as detailed further in our Ratings Policy. Lawcadia will either allow the evaluation to stand or delete it entirely – we will never adjust the evaluation.

What happens to performance evaluations when a partner moves to another law firm?

A partner’s performance evaluations will transfer with that partner if they move to another law firm.

Law Firms

What law firms can register with Lawcadia?

Any law firm in any jurisdiction can register with Lawcadia.

However, Lawcadia only allows top-tier, mid-tier, international and quality boutique firms to access open tenders.

If a company has a particular law firm that it wants to tender for a particular matter they can be registered.

What happens to open matters for that partner when they move to another law firm?

A partner will only be able to transfer their profile to their new law firm if either:

  1. there are no open matters on that partner’s dashboard; or
  2. that partner’s old law firm has received file transfer requests for all open matters on that partner’s dashboard, so that any open matters have been approved by clients to be transferred to that partner’s new law firm.
What happens to open matters that will remain with that partner’s old law firm after they move?

Any matter registered on Lawcadia can be transferred from one partner’s profile to another. Accordingly, if a partner is leaving a firm and not taking an open matter with them, then that partner can transfer that matter to another partner in their old law firm. This transfer will need to occur prior to that partner’s profile being allowed to be updated to show their new law firm.


Is information provided on Lawcadia confidential?

Under our terms and conditions with both law firms and companies, all information provided on Lawcadia (whether by companies or law firms) is confidential.

We do retain rights to information and data arising from matters on Lawcadia. However, we will only use such information and data for our own business purposes on an anonymised and non-attributable basis.

We do retain rights to disclose confidential information to certain third parties as set out in our terms and conditions for both companies and law firms.

Will people know that a company uses Lawcadia?

We will not disclose any companies that use Lawcadia without prior consent from that company.

Is pricing information provided by law firms confidential?

Under our terms and conditions with both law firms and companies, pricing information provided by law firms is confidential. Accordingly, we do not share pricing information with any other law firms or companies.

We do retain rights to use pricing information provided. However, this can only be used on an anonymised and non-attributable basis. Accordingly, we will never disclose a law firm’s name and the price it has included to any person other than the company for whom such information is intended.

Privacy and Data Protection

How do we collect and use personal information?

We collect and use personal information in accordance with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Our Privacy Policy sets out further information about what personal information we collect and how we use it.

Web Hosting and Security

Where is my data stored?

Lawcadia is hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS). All data is hosted on AWS’s Sydney servers. Accordingly, any person using Lawcadia consents to information that they put on Lawcadia being hosted in Australia.


What do companies pay to use Lawcadia?

Register your interest and find out how Lawcadia can give you greater transparency and control over your legal budget.

Terms and Conditions

What terms and conditions govern Lawcadia’s Platform?

Lawcadia has the following terms and conditions:

  1. General website Terms and Conditions
  2. Terms and Conditions for Companies
  3. Terms and Conditions for Law Firms
  4. Privacy Policy

Terms and Conditions for Companies and Terms and Conditions for Law Firms are available at registration, or via email: [email protected]

In addition to these, Lawcadia has a Ratings Policy that governs Ratings and any disputes regarding Ratings.