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The single source of truth for pricing, scope and budget on all external spend.

Drive your digital transformation strategy.

Digitize and streamline existing processes for better decision making and more efficient legal operations.

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Panel Establishment

Establish new legal panels using a streamlined and efficient RFP process specifically designed for the selection and management of legal panels and RFPs.

Not only does this provide an efficient and repeatable process, it also maintains competitive tension between your legal service providers.

Panel Management

Review and manage your existing legal panels and use past firm performance to enhance your team’s decision-making processes.

All tendering and matter data including pricing, scope, budget and evaluation is captured securely informing future engagement decisions.

Competitive Tenders

Create a competitive, digitized, repeatable tender process allowing for the comparison of like firms with like, ensuring the right firm is engaged for the right matter every time.


Work with your firms to set and manage scope and establish pricing arrangements, including fixed fee, alternative fee and capped fee agreements, institute budget agreements and implement measurable, repeatable ongoing engagement processes and practices.

Scope Control

Create clear boundaries around what is in and out of scope, including identification of assumptions, control scope creep, track and manage change requests, and establish efficient approval processes prior to the completion of work.

Financial Management

Track actual spend, forecast spend and work-in-progress, control budget creep, and track and manage change requests at matter, law firm and client levels.

Forget excel spreadsheets and manual processes and manage your external legal spend in one secure location.

Reporting & Analytics

Designed to automate the data collection, collation and analysis process,  data is captured through the procurement lifecycle.

With extensive reporting options on external spend, legal departments can also gain insight into working processes, provider relationships and performance.

Enabling better, data driven decisions.


Get complete visibility, control and management over the briefing of all external legal matters

Visibility of Spend

Access a macro and micro view of your external legal spend with accurate data capture

Reporting & Analytics

Tailor analysis and reporting for your organisation's specific needs and access practical, actionable insights

Improved Processes

Digitize the legal procurement process and establish a consistent framework for improved law firm briefing and management

Manage Permissions

Control and co-ordinate who can brief and engage law firms, set permissions and manage financial delegations

Strategic Goals

Lawcadia supports and complements legal operations and digital transformation initiatives, processes and systems


Capture data on tenders, proposals and fee estimates and track scope and budget changes for predictable legal bills

Relationship Management

Improve visibility over service levels, scope and budget management and simplify communication and collaboration with your law firms

Efficient Transfer of Data

Transfer data accurately and efficiently with Lawcadia's secure interface between organisation and law firm


We’re about to start using this technology in conjunction with our claims system and will hopefully provide huge efficiencies and visibility for us from a claims management perspective.

Ian Pollard, Managing Director
Delta Insurance

With Lawcadia we have transformed the way we procure and manage our external legal services. I am very supportive of innovation that enables teamwork and collaboration, and that is certainly a benefit that Lawcadia brings.

Sean Ventris, Head of Legal
CSR Limited

Innovative and responsive, a pleasure to work with.

Adam Cooper, Company Secretary & General Counsel
Flinders Ports Holdings

Our lawyers love using Lawcadia and find it very simple and intuitive.  In my view Lawcadia is the best platform in the market of its kind and it offers significant benefits to firms and clients.

Lisa McDonald, Business Development & Marketing Director
Hopgood Ganim Lawyers

Legal department's guide to legal procurement.

A concise overview of the legal procurement lifecycle, benefits, change processes
and important tips and resources to get you started on the legal procurement journey.

ISO Certified

Designed and built to comply with the most stringent global security standards, Lawcadia is ISO27001:2013 certified.

Dedicated Support

Platform implementation, training and on-going support is provided by a dedicated Customer Success Manager.


We provide a fast and professional on-boarding service so legal departments, law firms and other team members can get started right away.

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