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Empower your teams to easily identify, manage and comply with your procurement process.


Stop re-inventing the wheel

Many organisations have an ad hoc approach for procuring products and services. It can be a challenge for an employee or manager to navigate unfamiliar processes and guidelines, and they often struggle to understand:

  • which vendor should they use and under which conditions?
  • what method of contracting should they use (ie. PO, our terms, their terms)?
  • who must approve it?
  • who should advise on it?

When policies are available they are not always clear or readily understood by the user. This informal approach results in wasted time and resources from legal and procurement teams who are faced with reinventing a process for each transaction whilst trying to minimise risk exposures.

Improve procurement process efficiency between legal and procurement

Engo Universe, powered by Lawcadia

The answer is Engo’s procurement guide, The Universe. Powered by Lawcadia’s technology and the process efficiency of legal operations consultancy Engo, the Engo Universe helps everyone in an organisation easily identify, manage and comply with procurement processes.

When someone in the organisation wants to procure a product or service, they simply access a link on their intranet, automatically launching Lawcadia with The Universe instantly accessible. The user is provided easy to navigate options to help them identify what they are buying, and within seconds they know exactly what process to follow.

Engo’s consulting process involves collaboration with the commercial, procurement and legal teams, co-developing an easy-to-use procurement guide – The Universe – providing a comprehensive internal resource for procuring products and services. The Universe focuses on self-service for low value/risk matters, considers the risk appetite of the organisation, and pre-determines a course of action for each category.

View our introductory video that includes a brief demonstration. 

The Universe can be rapidly deployed across the entire organisation with Lawcadia’s intelligent workflow automation and matter management technology, providing a process-driven digital solution that is accessible, accurate and easy to maintain.

Benefits for management: 

  • Improves governance – All organisational decisions on risk appetite can be pre-determined and incorporated into The Universe.
  • Improves efficiency – Eliminate uncertainty, wasted time and resources

Benefits for procurement:

  • More rigour – by focussing on each category (not a generic set of rules that are difficult to apply) specific parameters can be set such as when to obtain multiple quotes or go to tender

Benefits for legal:

  • Letting go – the legal team is no longer asked how things need to be done and they don’t need to get involved in the low value and low risk procurement activities


Designed for the real world

Work Smarter

A rigorous, considered and pre-determined approach for all categories of transactions regardless of your industry

Clear, Simple, Consistent

All managers and employees can immediately access clear, simple instructions on how something should be procured

Easy to Implement

The Universe logic can be developed in 2-3 weeks and the Lawcadia platform can be implemented in a matter of days

Update & Iterate

The categories, instructions and workflows are easy to update and manage ensuring continued compliance and change management

Optional Collaboration Features

Seamlessly collaborate across the legal and procurement functions plus keep your internal clients up-to-date with collaboration capability

Enterprise Security

Secure, ISO 27001 certified, cloud-based solution with access controls and management through Single Sign-On


Why Engo + Lawcadia?

A Lawcadia verified legal operations consultancy, Engo uses theories from other disciplines to implement smarter, leaner ways of working for in-house legal teams. They take the red pen to inefficient processes, long-winded contracts and ballooning costs and have created over 20 separate methodologies that give a high-performance boost to legal teams of all sizes. Engo have partnered with Lawcadia to digitise and embed new processes and ways of working enabling their clients to leverage intelligent workflow automation, matter management technology and advanced reporting capability.

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