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Our legal ops toolkit - check out our most popular guides, videos and articles from matter intake to law firm management and spend.

6 Steps to Managing the Legal Category

Navigating the legal category can be challenging for those who are non-lawyers. We share our top tips and 6 steps to managing the legal category in this helpful infographic.

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Delivering Efficient Workflows & Transparency for Local Government Legal Teams

Local Government legal functions have different challenges and operational requirements to most other legal departments. In this webinar we demonstrate innovative and practical solutions specially designed to transform the Local Government legal function with a focus on efficiency and transparency.

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Insights for Procurement: Reduce Legal Spend Infographic

This infographic highlights key insights for procurement professionals responsible for the legal category, including the unique challenges and shares tips for process and technology that can have a big impact.

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Reduce Legal Spend Using Process & Technology

Traditional procurement processes and purchasing systems simply aren’t effective in the legal category, and this webinar on-demand explores why this is the case and shares proven solutions that combine processes and technology to maximise value and provide oversight and control.

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7 Strategies to Reduce Legal Costs Now

7 Strategies to Reduce Legal Costs Now – Free Whitepaper

Developing achievable plans is critical as legal teams are now challenged to do sufficiently more with even less than they had before (the pandemic). We have prepared 7 strategies that have been proven to reduce legal costs, and what is more they can be implemented very quickly.


Webinar On-Demand: COVID-19 Legal Workflow

Lawcadia and Gadens have worked together to build a COVID-19 Legal Workflow that assists organisations manage the high volume and complex legal issues that are arising during the pandemic

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Planning Template for In-House Legal Teams

Download our customisable PowerPoint deck to get access to our planning guide specifically for in-house legal teams with templates to capture your key objectives, strategies and plans.

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Top 10 Reports for the Informed General Counsel

This Guide will give General Counsel some inspiration and ideas about what other legal teams are doing and how to benefit in a meaningful way from data, analytics and reports.

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Matter Intake & Workflow Webinar On-Demand

Access a webinar-on-demand that showcases and outlines how Lawcadia’s high powered matter intake tool can help legal teams streamline their business to in-house workflow.


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GC’s Guide to Legal Transformation

In this guide we outline how legal teams are optimising their service delivery, how technology is supporting them, and how to craft a practical plan for your own team’s transformation.

Case Studies 

Don’t just take our word for it – access our case studies and see how we’ve helped one of Australia’s Big Four Banks lower their legal spend, transfer data more efficiently and eliminate annoying double ups.

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Legal Spend Management Infographic

E-billing is only part of the spend management equation – an efficient, holistic approach incorporates data, spend, scope and relationship management practices. This infographic brings it all together.


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Guide to Legal Spend Management

When “doing more with less” is the catch phrase for the legal team, clever legal spend management is essential. More than just e-billing, find out how managing scope and budget can control and lower costs.

Legal Procurement & Legal  Operations

Do you know your legal operations from your legal procurement? In collaboration with the Buying Legal Council, we break down the differing disciplines and highlight what each can offer your team.

5 Steps to Effective Legal Procurement

Successful legal procurement all comes down to good planning. Here are 5 factors you need to consider when formulating your winning approach to engaging and managing law firms.

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Taking a Leadership Role on Data Security

As the legal industry’s reliance on technology grows, so does its vulnerability to security attacks. Accordingly, the pressure on legal departments to institute and maintain reliable security processes is also rising.

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Law Firms Guide to Lawcadia

This helpful guide outlines the benefits and features that are specific to law firms when they start using Lawcadia. Find out why over 150 law firms around the globe are using Lawcadia for their clients.

6 Steps to Overcoming Resistance to Technology

The legal industry is undergoing a period of significant change. However, when a successful transition to digital isn’t assured, many legal professionals are reticent to explore and adopt new technology.

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What Will Legal Departments of the Future Look Like?

Upholding tradition vs robots taking over the world are two very diverse view points. We share our stance on the topic as well as predictions for what is to come and how to get ready.

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Future-Proofing the Role of  GC 

As economic conditions continue to bite, GCs all over the world are mandated with doing more with less. But when your headcount is low, how do you ensure standards and service delivery stay high?

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Transform your legal operations.

Intelligent Matter Intake

Streamline workflow from your internal clients through to the in-house legal team and law firms.

Matter Management

Create, manage and track your legal matters and collaborate with your legal team seamlessly.

Matter RFPs & Tenders

Leverage competitive tension & demonstrate value with matter RFPs & logic-based procurement.

Spend Management

Easily control and manage scope of work, budgets, invoices and ebilling.


Automatic data collation and easily generate custom reports for strategic decision-making.

Business Process Automation

Powered by Lawcadia Intelligence, legal teams and firms can automate complex workflows.


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