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Reducing the complexity and time required to investigate and report potential breaches.

Gadens Breach Manager, powered by Lawcadia

Gadens Breach Manager is a cloud-based solution designed to help organisations within the financial services and insurance sector manage the depth and breadth of mandatory breach reporting obligations.

Powered by Lawcadia’s technology, the Gadens Breach Manager streamlines the information collation, assessment and reporting process of potential regulatory issues to one online platform, allowing financial services institutions to ensure defensible, timely and cost-effective compliance with the new regimes and regimes with increased obligations, including BEAR/FAR, ADI, AFSL and ACL obligations, AML/CTF, Privacy, Design & Distribution, COBCOP & GICOP.

The culmination of 600+ hours of regulatory research and navigation of 2000+ provisions, civil and criminal penalties, exemptions, and significance tests intuitively incorporated, Gadens have developed a solution that has all the necessary tools and instruments required to investigate and report potential breaches. It also clearly incorporates the four arms of significance: material loss and damages, misleading and deceptive conduct, civil and criminal penalties, and otherwise significance tests.

The solution is available off-the-shelf, utilises Lawcadia’s enterprise-ready ISO 27001 certified platform and is designed to be exceptionally cost-effective.

The following enhancements have been added since its launch in 2021:

  • Breach intake
  • Compliance review and triage
  • Outlook integration
  • Updated core obligations
  • New exemptions
  • Sign-posted significance tests
  • All built-in, easy to use

If you want to manage your financial services breach reporting process and manage associated risk, please get in touch with us to arrange a demonstration and discuss how to quickly implement this solution.

“With the Gadens Breach Manager and Lawcadia, we are confident that we have the right structures and frameworks in place for a robust compliance function.”

Lyn Dixon, Head of Advice Compliance, Fitzpatricks Private Wealth


Capture & streamline potential regulatory breaches

Meet New Reporting Obligations

Allows financial services organisations of any size to readily meet the new breach reporting requirements quickly and cost-effectively

Robust Breach Reporting System

A clear, well-understood and well-documented process that is comprehensive and kept up-to-date by leading experts in financial services regulations

Escalation Process Included

Structured and timely breach escalation process that allows for reporting decisions to be made well before the 30 day deadline

Built-in Matter Management & Reporting

Because the application is deployed through Lawcadia you can access the matter & project management capabilities plus BI reporting tools

Easy On-Boarding

Risk and compliance teams can get access to the Gadens Breach Manager in a matter of days with training and support provided

Secure Access, Anywhere

Lawcadia's cloud-based platform and information security management system is ISO 27001 certified and readily accessible

New breach reporting obligations for financial services

With reference to several reputable and professional industry and government publications, this article provides an overview of what the changes mean For AFS and AC Licensees and share insights regarding the type of systems and processes that can facilitate compliance with the new obligations.


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