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No-Code Automation - Super-Charge Your Legal Function
Powered by Lawcadia Intelligence™ our intelligent automation engine.
No-Code Automation
No-Code Workflow Automation
Whether your legal team’s big, small, or somewhere in between, properly managing the flow of work is crucial for efficient operations and matter management.

Lawcadia provides intelligent, streamlined and automated workflow between your internal clients, in-house legal department, and even your external law firms.
Lawcadia is Efficient and Easy to Use
Efficient, Effective And Easy-To-Use
The combination of matter management and no-code automation can help you focus on what you do best provide excellent advice and service to your clients and add value.

Purpose-built for in-house legal teams, Lawcadia's no-code automation is designed to help you and your team:
Quickly create and configure workflows that are easy-to-use
Deploy multiple levels of approvals at key decision points through the matter life-cycle
Leverage document automation capabilities
Create unique data fields and dictate which fields are reportable for automated BI reporting
Create your own customised document execution sign-off workflows
Build procurement processes and logic into workflows for briefing law firms
Enhance productivity with clever legal request workflows and the provision of self-service for business stakeholders
Solve regulatory compliance challenges with targeted workflow solutions
Benefit from a unique plug-in architecture that facilitates systems integrations
What Are Legal Workflows & Why Should They Be Automated?
Legal workflow automation gives in-house lawyers the ability to create, enhance and embed best practice principles into their processes to facilitate consistent, collaborative, accountable and high-quality service delivery each time.

In this article we discuss legal workflows and explore why and how they should be automated to accelerate response times and keep up with the increased pace of business.
Workflow Automation
Features & Benefits
Automate Workflows
Automate Workflows
Transform even the most complex workflows and apply business logic to simplify and streamline.
Task Automation
Task Automation
Actions on the platform can trigger automatic task creation and delegation including deadlines.
Customised Notifications
Customised Notifications
Apply customisations to all notifications on the platform including emails, text message and app notifications.
Customisable Data Fields
Customisable Data Fields
Capture and report on the data that your team needs with unlimited customisable data fields.
Automate Document Generation
Streamline and automate standard document generation, reducing manual data entry and administrative tasks.
Logic Based Approvals
Approval Workflows
Get the control and visibility you need with multiple levels of approval and escalations at key decision points.
Build Apps
Regulatory Workflows
Build and use workflows that solve specific regulatory compliance challenges such as breach reporting, privacy, and freedom of information.
Collaboration Workspace
Collaborate with multiple parties in a single interface to share documents, tasks, updates, reports and matter communications.
Configurable Reporting
Highly configurable workflows with unique data fields ensures that your organisation's unique reporting needs are met.