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Spend Management Reimagined

Collaborate with your law firms to manage external matters, RFPs, budgets and spend.
Spend Management

Spend Management

Get predictable and transparent legal spend with an innovative approach to instructing, engaging, and managing your outside counsel within the one secure platform. Purpose-built to empower you with a stress-free and efficient approach to managing your external legal services.

With comprehensive visibility and control to streamline the spend management process, legal matters are conducted efficiently and within budget constraints, transforming the way that your in-house legal team works with your law firms.
Lawcadia is Efficient and Easy to Use
Efficient, Effective And Easy-To-Use
For busy lawyers, efficiency is everything, and relying on time-consuming, manual processes to manage a heavy (and growing) workload doesn’t make sense.

Lawcadia’s innovative spend management solution combines workflow automation, collaboration and project management so that you can:
Ensure instructions are sufficiently detailed for optimal results
Request and manage multiple fee structures including fee estimates, fixed, capped fees, and retainers
Collaborate and agree scope of work and budgets up front for each matter (or phase of matter)
Easily obtain competitive quotes using matter-based RFPs
Control firm selection and engagement with logic-based workflow automation
Receive, review and approve changes to agreed scope of work and budgets
Receive and approve invoices and work in progress (WIP)
Save time with automated rate card compliance
Manage major projects and litigation matters through to routine, high-volume work
Gain insights on spend and law firm relationships with automated reports and dashboards
Best-In-Class Matter RFP Capability
Lawcadia revolutionises the legal service procurement process with best-in-class matter RFP (Request for Proposal) capabilities, designed for unparalleled efficiency and control.

RFPs can be issued directly to your preferred firm or opt for competitive bids from multiple firms, facilitating a cost-effective approach to selecting legal services. This process is enhanced by robust comparison reports which offer visual comparisons and data tables for a quick review of responses, including fees, scope of work, and assumptions. Simplifying the decision-making process by allowing you to choose the most suitable proposal with ease.

Upon selecting a law firm, the platform ensures a seamless engagement and management experience from start to finish. You have full visibility over changes to scope, work in progress (WIP), budget, and invoices, enabling effective oversight of the legal matter.
Request For Proposal RFPs
Supporting Your Legal Function
Lawcadia provides complete visibility of matters, tracks internal legal work, stores all documents and communications, and reports on key metrics.
Objective Decision-Making
With Lawcadia, all matter-related decisions are supported by objective data which can be measured, monitored and audited.
Impactful Reporting
General Counsels love visual reports, and Lawcadia provides rich, accurate data and reports on workload, matter status, critical deadlines, and tasks.
No-Code Automation
Automated workflows with built-in logic ensure that the right actions, processes and approvals are established and streamlined in one system.
Demonstrate Value
Monitor and report on the metrics that matter to you, leveraging accurate data to demonstrate the legal department's value.
Lawcadia supports and complements your existing processes and systems with workflows and integrations to enhance your productivity.
Lawcadia aids strategic decisions by capturing historic and anticipated legal spend, crucial for financial planning and forecasts.
Law Firm Management
Lawcadia provides objective and subjective data to evaluate the performance of legal services providers, informing future buying decisions.
Secure Transfer Of Data
With a purpose-built secure interface between organisation and law firms, data transfers accurately and efficiently between both parties.