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Intake Forms to Streamline Client To Law Firm Workflows
Embrace client-focused technology that enhances productivity and service delivery.
Matter Intake & Triage
Intake Workflows
Intake is an essential aspect of legal practice and streamlining the process using clever, customised intake forms can help to accelerate efficiencies.

Embracing technology that is practical and accessible can strengthen your relationships, enhance service delivery, and provide a platform for operational excellence.

Client To Law Firm Intake Workflows
Corporate legal teams and their law firms can benefit from the use and deployment of intake forms and workflow automation for these use cases:
Where one law firm is a key legal services provider and is the recipient of a large proportion of corporate and commercial work. Customised intake workflows streamline instructions, saving time and creating efficiencies for both sides.
Where a law firm is engaged for high volume matters of a repeatable nature. The use of tailored and automated intake forms provides an accurate transfer of information and documents, and multiple layers of efficiency throughout the transaction.
Legal Operations Platform
Benefits Of Client To Law Firm Intake Forms
Workflow Automation
Intelligent Workflow Automation
Intake forms that utilise intelligent workflow automation can streamline instructions, enhance productivity and save time.
Customise Reporting
Connect your intake forms with business intelligence (BI) reporting capability to automate the collation and presentation of customised reports.
Document Automation
Document Automation
Harness the power of automation to eliminate manual data entry and save time with the use of intake workflows to generate draft documents.
Efficient Transfer Of Information
Facilitate the secure transfer of information and documents to ensure privilege and confidentiality is maintained.
AFAs & Retainers
Easily manage retainers and alternative fee arrangements with a structured framework that demonstrates value and promotes efficient service delivery.
Enterprise Grade Security
Robust Security
Supported by a robust security infrastructure that manages access and permissions at the engagement, matter and law firm level.
Fieldfisher Data Breach Manager
European law firm Fieldfisher has joined forces with Lawcadia to launch a 24-hour data breach notification assessment platform for all organisations with UK and EU data assets subject to GDPR and UK GDPR.

Confidently meet data breach reporting obligations with 24/7 access to Fieldfisher’s data breach assessment methodology, digital incident management and collaboration tools, along with the advice and guidance you can rely on.