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Make the connections that matter.

Connect your business to in-house, centralise your communications and control the flow of work.

Connect, communicate, collaborate

Whether your legal team’s big, small, or somewhere in between, properly managing the flow of work is crucial. Lawcadia Connect provides a centralised communication point between business and in-house, allowing the legal team to:

  • Triage incoming legal requests
  • Allocate matters and tasks across the team
  • Ensure a smooth flow of key information from business to legal
  • Eliminate duplications and action work according to priority and resources

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Communicate your way.

Stop managing your legal requests through multiple emails. Configure intake forms according to work type and ensure your lawyers have the information they need to get started right away.

Make the most of what you’ve got.

Manage and allocate matters from a centralised point according to priority, resources and availability and remove the risk of duplication and double ups.

Set and manage expectations.

Establish a controlled, consistent communication process, create clarity for your internal clients and manage expectations on both sides of the table.

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