Lawadia & Gadens COVID-19 legal workflow webinar on-demand

During these unprecedented times many in-house legal teams are inundated with COVID-19 related legal requests. These issues are expected to be high in volume, complex and outside many teams’ expertise.

Lawcadia and Gadens have worked together to build a COVID-19 Legal Workflow that assists organisations by helping to highlight and identify the key legal issues and direct them to the right person in their in-house legal team. Over-flow or complex work can be routed directly to law firms or Gadens who are well placed to provide assistance.

In this webinar you will learn how the COVID-19 Legal Workflow can:

  • Ensure all key staff can easily identify potential issues or risks and notify the legal department
  • Capture those critical legal issues and ensure they are not falling through the cracks
  • Provide a timely response to critical issues, either by in-house teams or directed to law firms for advice
  • Be flexible for remote working and to manage possible team changes

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