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Cyber Incident Manager
Navigate the legal reporting and compliance obligations during a cyber breach.
Cyber incident manager
Gadens Cyber Incident Manager
Gadens Cyber Incident Manager is a cloud-based solution designed to help navigate the legal reporting and compliance obligations of an organisation during a cyber breach.

Many organisations have a cyber incident plan in place, but important time-critical legal compliance can be at risk of getting overlooked during a cyber incident.

Powered by Lawcadia's technology, the Gadens Cyber Incident Manager steps a user through related issues and ramifications and streamlines the information collation, assessment and reporting process of potential cyber incidents in one online platform. This helps organisations to ensure defensible, timely and cost-effective compliance with multiple pieces of cyber incident relevant legislation and standards including the Security of Critical Infrastructure Act (the SOCI Act).
Lawcadia is Efficient and Easy to Use
Off-The-Shelf & Easy-To-Use
The solution is available off-the-shelf, utilises Lawcadia’s enterprise-ready ISO 27001 certified platform and is designed to be exceptionally cost-effective.

You would use the Gadens Cyber Incident Manager when:
Your business suffers an IT related disruption
Your sensitive data or intellectual property is stolen or is missing
There is evidence you’ve been targeted by a virus, spyware, trojan or worm (e.g. after someone opened an attachment or link)
Remote access to your IT systems has been given to an unknown person
Your IT systems / computers / files become locked or frozen – there may be a ransomware message on some or all computers
A fraudulent invoice has been paid or some other suspicious fraud has occurred
You become aware of identity or password theft
Capture & Streamline Potential Cyber Breaches
Meet Reporting Obligations
With rapidly evolving changes in cyber incident related laws, it allows organisations to readily understand and meet new cyber incident reporting conditions quickly and cost-effectively.
Alternative to High Q
Robust & Comprehensive
A clear, well-understood and well-documented process that is comprehensive and supported by leading experts in cyber incident management.
Escalation Process Included
Structured and timely incident escalation process that allows for reporting decisions to be made well before the relevant deadlines.
Built-In Matter Management & Reporting
Because the application is deployed through Lawcadia you can access the matter and project management capabilities plus BI reporting tools.
Easy On-Boarding
Relevant teams can get access to the Gadens Cyber Incident Manager in a matter of days with training and support provided.
Secure Access, Anywhere
Lawcadia's cloud-based platform and information security management system is ISO 27001 certified and readily accessible.

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