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Discover easy-to-implement document automation

Automate repetitive documents, generate drafts and streamline review.

Reduce workload and improve service delivery

Document automation, in conjunction with Lawcadia’s intake and workflow automation, can save time and improve client service delivery. With Lawcadia’s document automation:

  • Standard agreements and contracts can be deployed as ‘self-service’
  • Draft sets of documents can be generated avoiding manual data-entry
  • Streamline the legal review of generated draft documents with automated approval workflows
  • Utilise standard agreements and precedents, retaining letterhead and formatting
  • Easy to implement and onboard, no technical skills required!

Discover the power of automation

Popular use cases include:

  • NDA, confidentiality and routine agreements made available to internal clients via self-help
  • Automated drafts of complex documents sent to the legal team for review and approval
  • Automate draft documents to be shared with external providers to review and finalise
  • Automated generation of court documents and letters
  • Risk and compliance checklists with completion approvals
  • Emails and approvals can also be automated

Matter management & no-code automation are better together

Discover 5 ways the combination of matter management and no-code automation can help in-house legal counsel focus on what they do best: provide excellent advice and service to their clients and add value.


“One year after implementation, I am glad that we chose Lawcadia as our legal document and matter management solution. The system provides great functionality and is configurable to client needs. Lawcadia’s customer service is excellent; I have particularly appreciated their collaborative approach to implementation and their ongoing responsiveness to the team’s queries.”

Aron Rattew, General Counsel
Challenger Limited

“We have implemented Lawcadia as it is cost-effective and has helped us improve the management of a high volume of matters received by the legal team from across the business. The customer service is excellent.”

General Counsel
European Manufacturing Company

“We chose Lawcadia because it lets us work in our own way, it doesn’t force us to work in its way.”

Marc N., In-House Legal Manager
Multi-National Agribusiness

“The legal team at Virgin Australia found the design thinking workshops with Lawcadia to be invaluable as they helped us to identify and clarify our pain points and then explore new ways to solve problems using technology.”

Susan Schneider, General Manager, Legal & Compliance
Virgin Australia

“The implementation of Lawcadia has made administration of our legal matters much easier. We now have the ability to manage our internal approval processes and external briefing arrangements and to track costs across all of our matters, in one place. Lawcadia’s support and customer service have been excellent throughout.”

Sarah Norgate, General Manager Legal

“Lawcadia provided us with the system we needed to ensure we could accurately track our matters, budget and spend across the legal function.”

Nigel Lowry, General Counsel & Company Secretary

“As a specialist liability insurance provider, we wanted more control over our legal spend and law firm relationships. Lawcadia has enabled us to set, track and control scope and budget, ensuring control over individual matters at a time when global oversight across spend is a key imperative.”

Petra Lucioli, Claims Manager
Delta Insurance

“The Lawcadia team have partnered closely with us to understand our requirements and service needs. The platform has helped us enormously in establishing and managing our legal service providers including better scoping of work, expense management and identifying opportunities for efficiencies and quality improvement.”

Dion Gooderham, Director of Legal Services
Uniting Church in Australia


Transform your legal operations

Intake, triage & self-service

Streamline legal requests from your internal clients through to the in-house legal team and deploy 'self-service' capabilities.

Matter management

Create, manage, and track your legal matters and seamlessly collaborate with your legal team and law firm.

Document automation

Easy-to-implement document automation generates draft documents, agreements, and contracts, plus approval workflows.

Documents & emails

Embrace efficiency with built-in email and document management, plus integrations with Outlook, Word, NetDocuments and more.

Collaboration workspace

Communicate and collaborate seamlessly with law firms by sharing files, completed documents, status updates, messages, and even Gantt charts.

Workflow automation

Lawcadia's powerful automation engine automates workflows, approval processes, documents, tasks, reporting and much more.

Spend management

Get predictable and transparent legal spend with an innovative approach to instructing, engaging, and managing outside counsel.

Regulatory & compliance workflows

Deploy easy-to-use workflow solutions for privacy, data breach reporting, regulatory reporting, and freedom of information requests.

Reports, analytics & dashboards

Say goodbye to manual reports and spreadsheets and embrace Lawcadia's automated, customised reports and dashboards.


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