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Streamline your invoicing process with automated rate card compliance.

Invoicing & eBilling

Lawcadia offers a sophisticated yet user-friendly invoicing and eBilling solution, purpose-built to automate and simplify the invoicing process, for your legal team and law firms.

You can opt for straightforward eBilling through PDF invoices for a quick and effective process or leverage the comprehensive capabilities of line-by-line invoice review utilising LEDES files for granular detail. This versatility ensures that regardless of your billing preferences or requirements for each law firm, our platform can adapt to meet your needs efficiently.

A pivotal feature is the automated rate card compliance, which ensures adherence to agreed-upon panel rates and terms. This innovative tool significantly streamlines the invoice review and approval process, saving valuable time. Complemented by comprehensive reporting and analytics, Lawcadia enhances your legal eBilling efficiencies and insights, yielding immediate boosts in productivity for your team.

Rate card compliance

Legal rate card compliance

Lawcadia supports the uploading of LEDES files, enabling automatic invoice verification. This feature ensures that all charges are meticulously checked against agreed-upon rates for approved fee-earners, all within a single, integrated platform.

By consolidating invoicing and eBilling processes in one place, our solution empowers your in-house legal teams with the tools they need to manage their finances more efficiently, providing transparency, reducing errors, and enhancing overall financial control.


Webinar: Spend Management, RFPs & Rate Card Compliance

Are you among the 42% of legal teams with cost-cutting mandates? Discover how to get the most out of your legal spend with RFPs, process controls, and rate card compliance on Tuesday, 19th March APAC and Thursday, 21st March EMEA.

Efficient, effective and easy-to-use

For busy lawyers, efficiency is everything, and relying on time-consuming, manual processes to manage a heavy (and growing) workload doesn’t make sense.

Lawcadia’s innovative invoice and eBilling is designed to help you and your team:

  • Eliminate the need for manual-based processes
  • Approve and process invoices more quickly, saving time and money
  • Flag discrepancies and ensure accuracy in billing, reducing the chances of overpayment
  • Reduce admin with approval routing, notifications and invoice notes
  • Have real-time visibility of legal spend, allowing for better budget management, forecasting, and spend analysis
  • Make timely and accurate payments to service providers, contributing to stronger and more reliable relationships
Legal Invoicing


Detailed eBilling & rate card compliance benefits

Procurement compliance

Keep the procurement team in your corner by providing a system to conduct rate card verification to ensure agreed law firm panel arrangements are adhered to.

Quality assurance

For legal teams that require additional levels of oversight on who is doing their work, you have the ability to only allow invoices to be submitted if work is completed by approved fee earners.

Budget allocation

Automatically allocate invoice fees to specific budgets and multiple phases of complex litigation. Task and activity codes are captured against the relevant matter phase.


Lawcadia's detailed eBilling can be enabled by law firm relationship, so your legal teams can continue to use simple eBilling for their boutique and international law firms.

Time savings

Your legal team will no longer have to spend time manually interrogating invoices line-by-line. Automated rate card compliance will ensure the necessary compliance checks are met.

Data & reporting

Are you seeking detailed analysis, efficiencies, and compliance in relation to invoices? Receive invoice data with UTBMS codes that categorise tasks and expenses for detailed spend reporting.

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