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Best practice legal procurement workflows and processes

Leverage competitive tension and demonstrate value.

Delivering measurable value

Lawcadia captures data and efficiently controls the process through each stage of the
procurement lifecycle.

Logic-based legal procurement

Introduce workflow automation and machine logic to the way the entire organisation procures legal services to ensure consistent processes, excellent instructions, and compliance with internal procurement policies.

Logic-based Legal Procurement

Instructions & engagement

A streamlined process ensures provision of appropriate instructions, conflict checks, scope of work and budget agreed upfront, a structure for managing alternative fee arrangements, ensuring the right firm is engaged for the right matter every time.


Managing scope changes

Create clear boundaries around what is in and out of scope, including identification of assumptions, control scope creep, track and manage change requests, and establish efficient approval processes prior to the completion of work.


Matter RFPs & tenders

Utilise built-in RFP workflows to leverage competitive tension and demonstrate value by briefing a selection of your panel firms for selected matters. Visual comparison tables, customised questions, and messaging capability makes it easy to use.

Competitive Tenders

Customised approvals

Maintain oversight of the legal function through custom approval workflows mapped to your unique business rules and internal approval criteria, such as work allocation, law firm engagement, change of budget, invoice approvals and more.


Spend management

Forget Excel spreadsheets and manage your legal spend by automatically tracking invoices, actual spend, forecast spend and work-in-progress, monitor budget creep, and track and manage change requests in the one central and secure location.

Spend Management

Law firm management

Build strategic relationships with data driven insights that inform how the organisation is instructing law firms, how law firms are performing and adhering to billing guidelines, with a focus on transparency, accountability, and consistency.

Panel Management

Reporting & analytics

With customiseable reporting options on external spend and law firms behaviour, legal departments can easily gain insight into provider relationships and performance with detailed quantitative and qualitative data analytics.

Reporting and Analytics


How to buy legal services

Discover these insights for procurement professionals uncovered during the PASA ‘How to buy legal services and the legal category’ round-table discussion with Lawcadia and Morae Global:

  • Common challenges with managing the legal category
  • Where to start when trying to understand legal spend
  • How to get oversight and control of legal spend (and generate savings)
  • Focus on getting value from the legal panel once it is in place
  • Matter-based RFPs and Alternative Fee Arrangements (AFAs)
  • Relationships and change management – working with legal

Supporting the legal function


Lawcadia provides complete visibility of who is buying legal services internally, fees agreed, invoices received and approved.

Objective decision-making

With Lawcadia, all buying decisions are supported by objective data which can be measured, monitored and audited.

Reporting & analytics

Procurement loves data and Lawcadia provides rich, accurate data on spend, matter types, price, vendor, and business unit.

Logic-based procurement

Automated workflows with built-in logic so that the right actions, processes and approvals can be established and streamlined in one system.

Complete oversight

Monitor the buying process and have complete oversight over the buying legal services, and leverage accurate data to demonstrate value for money and capture savings.

Internal processes

Lawcadia supports and complements existing procurement processes and systems with workflows and integrations available.


Forecasting is a critical part of strategic decision-making and financial planning. Lawcadia facilitates this by capturing historic data and anticipated future spend.

Law firm management

Lawcadia provides objective and subjective data to evaluate the performance of legal services providers, informing future buying decisions.

Efficient transfer of data

With our secure interface between organisation and law firm, data is accurately and efficiently transferred between both parties.

Solutions designed for Government teams

Finally, technology solutions that understand Government legal and procurement challenges and can embed leaner, smarter workflows using intelligent automation, ensuring high adoption, consistent processes along with data and analysis for continuous improvement.

Insights for procurement

3 Steps to Strategic Right-Sourcing for the Legal Department

A strategic approach to sourcing is one way your legal department can enhance its legal operations to drive growth and achieve a competitive advantage for your company. In this whitepaper, we outline how to develop a right-sourcing strategy for your legal department with 3 steps.

Download Now

6 Steps to Managing the Legal Category

Navigating the legal category can be challenging for those who are non-lawyers. We share our top tips and 6 steps to managing the legal category in this helpful infographic.


Webinar: Reduce Legal Spend Using Process & Technology

As costs come under pressure, extracting maximum value from external legal spend is more vital than ever. Traditional procurement processes and purchasing systems simply aren’t effective in the legal category, and this webinar explores why this is the case and shares proven solutions that combine processes and technology to maximise value and provide oversight and control.


The Rise of the Legal Procurement Movement

Join our fireside chat with legal procurement expert Dr. Silvia Hodges Silverstein as we unpack the rise of the legal procurement movement, the anticipated interest in APAC of cost savings initiatives and how procurement and legal can partner successfully.


Buying Legal Services – Insights from Roundtable Discussion

We were thrilled to be invited to facilitate an expert round-table with an interactive group of procurement professionals tasked with delivering effective procurement and spend strategies across the legal category. Following the discussion we prepared an infographic highlighting the key points.


7 Strategies to Reduce Legal Costs Now 

Budgets are already under pressure and the legal department is no exception. We have prepared 7 strategies that have been proven to reduce legal costs, and what is more they can be implemented very quickly without impacting headcount.


Client success stories

We have a track record of partnering with our clients, delivering successful implementations and keeping our clients happy. Don’t just take our word for it – check out our case studies to learn more.


“One year after implementation, I am glad that we chose Lawcadia as our legal document and matter management solution. The system provides great functionality and is configurable to client needs. Lawcadia’s customer service is excellent; I have particularly appreciated their collaborative approach to implementation and their ongoing responsiveness to the team’s queries.”

Aron Rattew, General Counsel
Challenger Limited

“We have implemented Lawcadia as it is cost-effective and has helped us improve the management of a high volume of matters received by the legal team from across the business. The customer service is excellent.”

General Counsel
European Manufacturing Company

“We chose Lawcadia because it lets us work in our own way, it doesn’t force us to work in its way.”

Marc N., In-House Legal Manager
Multi-National Agribusiness

“The legal team at Virgin Australia found the design thinking workshops with Lawcadia to be invaluable as they helped us to identify and clarify our pain points and then explore new ways to solve problems using technology.”

Susan Schneider, General Manager, Legal & Compliance
Virgin Australia

“The implementation of Lawcadia has made administration of our legal matters much easier. We now have the ability to manage our internal approval processes and external briefing arrangements and to track costs across all of our matters, in one place. Lawcadia’s support and customer service have been excellent throughout.”

Sarah Norgate, General Manager Legal

“Lawcadia provided us with the system we needed to ensure we could accurately track our matters, budget and spend across the legal function.”

Nigel Lowry, General Counsel & Company Secretary

“As a specialist liability insurance provider, we wanted more control over our legal spend and law firm relationships. Lawcadia has enabled us to set, track and control scope and budget, ensuring control over individual matters at a time when global oversight across spend is a key imperative.”

Petra Lucioli, Claims Manager
Delta Insurance

“The Lawcadia team have partnered closely with us to understand our requirements and service needs. The platform has helped us enormously in establishing and managing our legal service providers including better scoping of work, expense management and identifying opportunities for efficiencies and quality improvement.”

Dion Gooderham, Director of Legal Services
Uniting Church in Australia

Plan for success

ISO 27001 certified

Designed and built to comply with the most stringent global security standards, Lawcadia is ISO 27001:2022 certified.


Dedicated support

Platform implementation, training and on-going support is provided by a dedicated Customer Success Manager.



We provide a fast and professional on-boarding service so legal departments, law firms and other team members can get started right away.


Transform your legal operations with the award-winning, two-sided intelligent platform built for in-house legal teams and their law firms with legal intake & triage, matter management, workflow automation, spend management, collaboration and customisable reporting.



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