Lawadia & Gadens local Government legal teams webinar on-demand: Delivering efficient workflows & transparency

Local Government legal functions have different challenges and operational requirements to most other legal departments. This webinar will focus on providing solutions to two common challenges faced by Local Government legal teams:

1. Improving workflows and efficiency to deliver better, more responsive services to internal clients
2. Ensuring transparent procurement processes and demonstrating value.

Lawcadia and Gadens demonstrate innovative and practical solutions specially designed to transform the Local Government legal function with a focus on efficiency and transparency.

In this webinar you will learn how to:

  • Use workflow automation and digital processes to streamline the entire process of matters from internal clients to in-house legal team to external law firm.
  • Monitor workload, remove bottlenecks and continuously improve
  • Use consistent processes and a digital platform to demonstrate value for money across all legal services engagements
  • Use data, reports and metrics to report on legal services matters, budgets and invoices.

Presenters: Steven Dudley, Solutions Specialist at Lawcadia and Jim Demack, Partner at Gadens. Facilitated by Sacha Kirk, Co-Founder & CMO at Lawcadia.


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