Our Story

A rapidly growing Australian-based legaltech business, Lawcadia is leading legal procurement in the Asia-Pacific region.

Lawcadia exists because organisations in both the public and private sector are demanding more value for their legal spend and want improved pricing and service delivery from law firms, however the legal industry is not responding to these demands. It is in response to these frustrations that Lawcadia developed purpose built, end-to-end legal procurement solutions that deliver transparency, accountability, and an ability to analyse data and derive insights for objective decision making and continuous improvement.

We focus on best practice in legal procurement and to this end, we support companies with dedicated customer support, networking and education. We are proud to have established formal collaborations with global leaders on the topic of legal procurement, including Buying Legal Council.

One of our most significant initiatives has been to found the Legal Procurement Forum in 2016, the first events in the Asia-Pacific region dedicated to the topic of legal procurement. In August 2017, Lawcadia and the Buying Legal Council hosted the Legal Procurement Forum in Sydney.

The name “Lawcadia” is inspired by the Greek word “arcadia”, which refers to an idyllic place of natural beauty, peace and simplicity, often compared to the philosophical ideal of Utopia. Many of the values that drive Lawcadia forward derive from this: a strong belief in honesty, integrity and simplicity.

As a small and growing company our values are an important part of who we are and how we operate:
• Integrity
• Honesty
• Challenging
• Innovative
• Being client-centred
• Recognition
• Celebration.