Ratings Policy

Version 3.0 | Applicable from September 2017

1. Introduction

1.1 Lawcadia Pty Ltd (ACN 607 954 843) (“we, us, our”“) assists corporate and government clients to manage all aspects of legal procurement. Our services are provided via our web-based platform – Lawcadia.com.

1.2 Lawcadia.com can be used for three different types of engagement:

    1. (a) an “Open Tender” – which allows companies to find law firms, and then engage law firms using our procurement process

    2. (b) a “Panel Tender” – which allows companies to obtain tenders from selected law firms (through a formal legal panel arrangement or otherwise); and

      (c) a “Direct Engagement” – which allows companies that have engaged a particular law firm for a matter to register that matter on Lawcadia.com to assist with scope control, financial management and evaluation.

1.3 This Ratings Policy (“Policy”) governs how our Rating System works, including on what basis law firms are evaluated, when ratings are disclosed and how disputes regarding ratings are handled. All companies and law firms who are registered to use Lawcadia.com are legally bound by this Policy.

2. How does Lawcadia’s Rating System work?

2.1 At the end of each matter registered on our Platform, corporate and government clients may be asked to evaluate the law firm based on various criteria.

2.2 How often corporate and government clients ask their employees to rate a law firm will be set by each corporate and government client.

2.3 The criteria on which evaluations are based will also be set by each client, and may vary depending on the type of matter, the value of the matter and what the client identifies is important to it in that matter.

2.4 Under our Rating System, the evaluation provided by a corporate or government client against ratings will attach to the law firm for that matter, subject to section 3 of this Policy.

3. Disclosure of Ratings to companies and law firms

3.1 All evaluations provided by a corporate or government client in relation to a law firm shall be kept confidential to that client and will not be disclosed to any other clients of Lawcadia, subject to section 3.4 of this Ratings Policy.

3.2 Corporate and government clients will have the ability to analyse Ratings Information in any way that they like through our Platform or through their own business intelligence systems.

3.3 After a matter is closed and the company has evaluated a law firm, our default position is that the responsible lawyer for that matter will be notified as to how the client evaluated the law firm for that matter. Some corporate and government clients however are electing to withhold that information for certain periods of time or altogether, and the disclosure of ratings information to law firms for particular corporate and government clients will be driven by their individual preferences.

3.4 We may analyse or disclose any data or information from evaluations conducted by corporate or government clients for our own business purposes, provided that we do so on an anonymised or non-attributable basis, without disclosing the identity of any client or law firm to or from whom the data or information has originated.

4. Disputes

4.1 If a law firm or partner considers that a rating that has been provided by a company is:

    • (a) manifestly incorrect; or

    • (b) grossly unreasonable;

then the relevant law firm or partner may notify us at [email protected] that it is disputing the rating (a “Rating Dispute Notice”).

4.2 Following our receipt of a Rating Dispute Notice, we will endeavour to speak to the law firm and the lead partner, as well as the person from the corporate or government client who has submitted the evaluation or such other persons that may have been involved in instructing the law firm on the applicable matter to determine whether, in the client’s view, the rating is manifestly incorrect or grossly unreasonable.

4.3 If, after the investigations, the client is satisfied that the rating is manifestly incorrect or grossly unreasonable, we will delete the rating entirely and it shall be disregarded for the purposes of providing ratings information for the lead partner or law firm to any corporate or government client. We will never adjust or alter a rating.

4.4 The client’s decision on any rating dispute shall be final and binding.

5. Interpretation

In this Policy:

  • (a) “Lawcadia.com” means our online website made available at Lawcadia.com and includes all associated websites, microsites, databases, software and back end systems;

  • (b) a reference to a “law firm” shall mean a law firm who is registered on Lawcadia.com;

  • (c) a reference to a “company” shall mean any company or other user who has procured a law firm to provide legal services to it using Lawcadia.com; and

  • (d) where any other word is given a particular meaning, it shall be interpreted in a consistent manner throughout this Policy unless the context otherwise requires.

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