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Data on Demand.

Automated data capture and advanced BI reporting for future focused corporate legal departments.

Data on-demand

Reporting for the legal world.

Lawcadia takes your reporting capabilities to new heights with sophisticated BI Reporting that allows you to build custom dashboards and reports and even dictate which data fields to report on.

  • Beautiful custom reports designed for the C-Suite and the board room
  • Flexibility over which data fields you want to report on
  • Get the best of both worlds with BI Reporting and Lawcadia’s popular off-the-shelf reports

Beautiful, easily customised and ready to present.

With Lawcadia’s beautiful BI Reporting tool, demonstrating value, sharing insights and staying on top of spend and legal matters is easier than ever before.

  • Craft custom dashboards and reports
  • Easily present ‘full screen’ at the click of a button
  • Utilise ‘dark mode’ and impress the audience
  • Drill down and review data points
  • Share reports via scheduled email

Sophisticated reporting for the C-Suite.


Drag-and-drop Dashboard

Customise your legal operations dashboard to meet the unique metrics and strategic goals of your legal department.

Assess your Resources

Critically assess your team’s output and capacity, visibly demonstrate your efficiency, and track status and workflow metrics as matters progress.

Track your Spend

Get a bird’s eye view of your legal spend compared to legal budget, monitor spread of fees across time and firms and assess financial metrics in real time.

Law Firm Relationships

See what drives your engagement decisions, identify who you work with most and why, and track and compare RFPs progress and activities.

Evaluate Alternative Fee Structures

Promote predictability and demonstrate value with matter RFPs and fee arrangements based on good instructions and scope of work. Reports readily evaluate the success of fee structures and promote predictability.

Report to the C-Suite

Present the legal departments metrics, matters, spend and activity with easy to read dashboards that are ready to present with ‘full screen’ and ‘dark mode’ capability.

Transform your legal operations with the intelligent matter and spend management system built for in-house legal teams and their law firms with intake & triage, workflow automation, document automation, collaboration workspaces and BI reporting.


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