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Automated data capture and advanced reporting functionality for future focused corporate legal departments.

Reporting for the legal world

The Lawcadia Platform takes your reporting capabilities to new heights with over 20 reports at your fingerprints. Spanning everything from engagements, through to tender, budget and spend management, your team will have all the tools it needs for a deep dive into the data that drives results.

Matter Reports

View your previous and current matters and engagements in context, break them down by type and harness your data for more strategic engagement decisions.

RFP & Engagement Reports

Get a macro and micro view of your tender activity, discover what influences your engagement decisions, break down your costs and track and compare your activity over time.

Scope & Budget Reports

Track your matters by budget, view your average costs over time and connect your scope and budget for a more financially savvy spend.

Spend Invoice Reports

Spend less time tracking your financials with up to the minute work-in-progress reports, break down your spend by practice area and time span and easily reconcile your payments with existing financial systems.

Enterprise legal technology solutions.

For In-House Legal & Legal Ops

The source of truth for all external legal matters.

For Legal Procurement

Embrace legal procurement processes.

For Legal Service Providers

Align your firm to your client's needs.


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