Home Security

Enterprise-grade security.

We keep your data safe, wherever you are in the world.

ISO Certified

Access an ISO 27001:2013 certified Information Security Management System that’s built to keep your data safe. Get added peace of mind with third-party security reviews, audits and penetration testing, along with ongoing security updates, independent code reviews and secure AWS and dedicated data storage.

Data Security

Store your data safely and securely across multiple geographic locations, ensure the sovereignty of your data and access your information at any time via shared or private cloud infrastructure.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Give your entire team easy Platform access while maintaining stringent security standards with single sign-on technology.

Access Controls

Use access controls to keep your data and reporting confidential and restrict visibility to those who need to know.

Private Cloud Infrastructure

Keep your information safe with high-level data and cyber security while retaining the benefits of cloud-based software.


Solutions for teams of every size.

Lawcadia Connect

Connect your business to in-house and streamline your workflow.

Lawcadia Align

Create, manage and track your internal legal matters.

Lawcadia Engage

Track and control your external engagements, scope and spend.


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