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Powered by Lawcadia Intelligence™ our new intelligent platform engine

Powered by Lawcadia’s intelligent automation engine

Lawcadia’s new intelligent engine, Lawcadia Intelligence™, is the core infrastructure that powers Lawcadia’s end to end legal operations platform. It combines machine learning capability with no-code automation to deliver highly complex, customised workflows and solutions for in-house legal teams and law firms.

  • Logic-based workflows
  • Multiple levels of approvals based on business logic
  • Logic-based procurement processes for briefing law firms
  • Intelligent matter intake for in-house legal teams and law firms
  • Document automation capabilities
  • Plugin architecture easily enables new functionality and systems integrations
  • Dictate which fields are reportable and access live BI Reporting

What Are Legal Workflows &
Why Should They Be Automated?

Legal workflow automation gives in-house lawyers the ability to create, enhance and embed best practice principles into their processes to facilitate consistent, collaborative, accountable and high quality service delivery each time. In this article we discuss legal workflows and explore why and how they should be automated to accelerate response times and keep up with the increased pace of business.


Automate Workflows

Transform even the most complex workflows and apply business logic to simplify and streamline

Task Automation

Actions on the platform can trigger automatic task creation and delegation including deadlines

Customised Notifications

Apply customisations to all notifications on the platform including emails, text message and app notifications

Customisable Data Fields

Capture and report on the data that your team needs with unlimited customisable data fields

Customise Naming Conventions

Use "projects" instead of "matters"? No problem! Tailor many aspects of the platform to your unique organisation

Logic-based Approvals

Get the control and visibility you need with multiple approval processes based on business logic

Build Apps to Solve Problems

Legal teams and law firms can easily build apps that solve specific pain points (eg compliance, risk, procurement)

Collaboration Workspaces

Collaborate with multiple parties in a single interface to share documents, tasks, updates, reports and matter communications

Automate Document Generation

Streamline and automate standard document generation, minimising the involvement of the legal team

What is legal automation?

Legal automation involves the use of software to streamline, progress and manage tasks and activities that are common to the legal function, such as document creation, document review, communication, triage and work allocation, project management and much more.


The legal team at Virgin Australia found the design thinking workshops with Lawcadia to be invaluable as they helped us to identify and clarify our pain points and then explore new ways to solve problems using technology.

Susan Schneider, General Manager, Legal & Compliance
Virgin Australia

The implementation of Lawcadia has made administration of our legal matters much easier. We now have the ability to manage our internal approval processes and external briefing arrangements and to track costs across all of our matters, in one place. Lawcadia’s support and customer service have been excellent throughout.

Sarah Norgate, Head of Legal – Supermarkets & Convenience

Lawcadia provided us with the system we needed to ensure we could accurately track our matters, budget and spend across the legal function.

Nigel Lowry, General Counsel & Company Secretary

We have found Lawcadia’s [matter management] useful, and easy to use and now have access to reliable data about the types of work we are performing and where the instructions are coming from.

Jacinta Dale, General Counsel & Company Secretary
JBS Australia

As a specialist liability insurance provider, we wanted more control over our legal spend and law firm relationships. Lawcadia has enabled us to set, track and control scope and budget, ensuring control over individual matters at a time when global oversight across spend is a key imperative.

Petra Lucioli, Claims Manager
Delta Insurance

The Lawcadia team have partnered closely with us to understand our requirements and service needs. The platform has helped us enormously in establishing and managing our legal service providers including better scoping of work, expense management and identifying opportunities for efficiencies and quality improvement.

Dion Gooderham, Director of Legal Services
Uniting Church in Australia

I have been using Lawcadia for a key infrastructure client and I find it is easy to use, and importantly, gives my client the information they need to manage scope and budget.

Scott Alden, Partner
Holding Redlich

With Lawcadia we have transformed the way we procure and manage our external legal services. I am very supportive of innovation that enables teamwork and collaboration, and that is certainly a benefit that Lawcadia brings.

Sean Ventris, Head of Legal
CSR Limited


Transform your legal operations.

Matter Intake & Triage

Streamline intake from your internal clients through to the in-house legal team and even to your law firms.

Matter Management

Create, manage and track your legal matters and seamlessly collaborate with your legal team and law firms.

Spend Management

Get predictable and transparent legal spend with our innovative approach to instructing, engaging and managing outside counsel.

Intelligent Workflow Automation

Powered by Lawcadia Intelligence, legal teams and firms can automate complex workflows and build solutions to solve unique pain points.

Document Automation

Discover easy-to-implement automation to generate draft documents, agreements and even complex contracts.

Client Collaboration Workspace

A secure collaborative workspace for law firms and their clients to share matter-related documents, updates, messages and more.


Transform your legal operations with the intelligent matter and spend management system built for in-house legal teams and their law firms with intake & triage, workflow automation, document automation, collaboration workspaces and BI reporting.

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