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Innovation that clients really want.

With corporate and Government clients facing more pressure than ever before, providing just legal advice is no longer enough. Law firms must demonstrate and embrace efficiency, digital transformation, transparent budget communication, information security and provide tailored client reporting. When innovation is the mandate, how can law firms deliver practical initiatives that make a valuable impact?

The platform of choice for innovative legal departments, Lawcadia now offers tailored solutions for law firms to help them enhance their client relationships, win more work and improve efficiencies. Including:

  • Client Collaboration Workspace for law firms to share documents, matter updates, tasks and messages with their clients in a single, secure, interface
  • Innovative client-focused workflow solutions that solve client pain points and showcases the legal expertise, knowledge and intellectual property of a firms’ practice area, such as the Gadens Breach Manager
  • Client intake forms with intelligent workflow automation, document automation and BI reporting to deliver attractive innovation packages that clients will value.

Enhance Relationships

An innovative platform designed for law firms and their clients.

Client Intake Forms

Streamline the flow of work from your clients with configurable, intelligent intake forms that help to elevate and embed your key client relationships.

Client Collaboration Workspaces

Enhance your client relationships with a collaborative workspace designed for lawyers, to share files, documents, matter updates and more.

Intelligent Workflow Solutions

Ideate, build and deploy client-focused workflow solutions that solve specific pain points for your clients, generating new sources of revenue.

Budget & Project Management

Provide the financial predictability clients crave with streamlined responses to proposals, proactive budget communication and invoice approvals.

BI Reporting

Say good-bye to manual reports and spreadsheets and embrace Lawcadia's automated and customised BI reporting for clients.

Robust Security

Lawcadia's secure, two-sided platform, is certified to meet the international standards of ISO 27001 for information security management systems.


“Our solution is the Gadens Breach Manager, and it is gratifying to see the up-take by clients already and how they are modifying the platform to extract even more value for themselves.”
Paul Spiro, Chairman, Gadens

Popular use cases for law firms.


160+ law firms use Lawcadia to help clients manage external engagements and spend. With Lawcadia, law firms can improve client service delivery and enhance relationships with our unique, structured and secure approach to receiving instructions, responding to requests for proposals, managing scope of work, fees and budgets, and automating data for reporting.


For clients with high volume and routine matters, Lawcadia can be the single interface for communication and collaboration. Deploy intelligent intake workflows designed for their unique work types; utilise document automation to reduce manual handling; securely transfer files; share final documents; provide matter and budget updates as well as reporting – all in the one system.


Attract new clients and win more work with unique workflow solutions built and deployed through Lawcadia. We work with law firms to identify and develop intelligent workflow solutions to solve your client’s problems and pain points. Consider how these could be new sources of work for the firm, enhance or embed your relationships, and demonstrate practical use of innovation resources.


Clients want to readily access communication, documents and advice that relate to their matters for both current and historic work. Provide them with a secure, central repository and keep them updated with everything they need from advice, communications, documents, budgets, invoices and reporting – all in the one system.

Client-centred innovation.

At Lawcadia, we thrive on identifying and solving client pain points and we readily help law firms develop and implement client-focused solutions. For law firms that are looking to innovate, the most important first step is to accurately identify the problem to be solved, clearly articulate the pain points and then develop and investigate ideas for solutions. We share some simple steps in this article…

Transform your legal operations with the intelligent matter and spend management system built for in-house legal teams and their law firms with intake & triage, workflow automation, document automation, collaboration workspaces and BI reporting.

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