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15 October 2020

Lawcadia Launches Rules-Based Engine for Matter Management

Lawcadia, the matter and spend management platform for in-house legal teams and their law firms, has announced the launch of a new rules-based engine to improve workflows.

Sacha Kirk, CMO & Co-Founder of Lawcadia, explained that the platform allows the creation of bespoke rule-based responses to matter management issues…

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14 October 2020

Legal technology company Lawcadia launches new intelligent engine

When every legal team and law firm want something different, Lawcadia’s new platform engine is a game changer for the diverse appetites of the legal industry.

Lawcadia, Australia’s leading provider of matter and spend management solutions for in-house legal teams and their law firms, has announced the launch of a new intelligent engine that will drive all aspects of its platform.

Lawcadia Intelligence™ incorporates machine learning with business logic and no-code automation, providing a powerful engine for Lawcadia’s end-to-end operating system.

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13 July 2020

30 people to watch in the business of law in Asia in 2020

As 60% of the world’s new internet users are now located in the Asia-Pacific region, the intersection of the internet and legal services in Asia is becoming more important every year. Notably, as Siam Legal Tech Center details on their website, the ASEAN region has in recent years seen “double digit growth in all digital segments including internet penetration, social media usage and mobile connectivity”.

As a result, online legal services in the region have blossomed – with legal tech startup entrepreneurs making significant headway in developing ground-breaking new technology-driven platforms to help facilitate legal efficiency for lawyers and greater access to legal services for consumers.

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18 March 2020

COVID-19 Legal Workflow to help legal teams manage pandemic-related issues

Lawcadia and Gadens partner to build COVID-19 Legal Workflow to help in-house legal teams manage a tsunami of pandemic-related legal issues.

Australian law firm Gadens and legal-tech company Lawcadia are releasing the COVID-19 Legal Workflow in response to the deluge of legal issues corporate and government teams are now facing, and will continue to face, as a result of the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) outbreak.

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24 Dec 2019

12 Legal Tech Startup Founders in Asia to Follow in 2020

In this report, Asia Law Portal highlights one very important element in the Asia-Pacific region legal tech startup ecosystem: Legal Tech Startup Founders.  Specifically, 12 legal tech startup founders from 12 different Asia-Pacific region jurisdictions – who are helping to transform legal services in those jurisdictions and whose continued forward progress in 2020 should be fascinating to watch.

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28 Sep 2019

Brisbane-based legal tech start-up raises $1.3m

Lawcadia has raised $1.3m in a pre-Series A round.

The round was by backed by number of private investors, as well as Artesian, which that the start-up said is Australia’s largest and most active early-stage venture capital firm. This is one of the first investments of the alternative investments firm in the legal tech space.

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09 Mar 2019

Lawcadia launches internal matter-management system for corporate legal teams

Lawcadia has launched Lawcadia Align, an internal matter-management system built specifically with corporate legal teams in mind.

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19 May 2018

Lawcadia earns international recognition

Lawcadia has been internationally recognised for its work in legal technology.

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Legal Spend Management

Summer 2018

Six Steps to Overcome Resistance to Technology Change

The legal industry is undergoing a period of significant change. However,
when a successful transition to digital isn’t assured, many legal professionals
are reticent to explore and adopt new technology. In this article, we outline
the six steps that can help legal leaders effectively manage change.

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Spring 2018

Moving Beyond Relationships for Smarter, More Strategic Engagement Decisions

Changes in the law, projects spanning multiple jurisdictions and increasing pressure to streamline and digitise processes have all combined to create markedly different working environment from that of decades past.

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Spring 2017

Innovative KPIs are Critical 

Corporate law departments and the organisations they support are in a business-to-business relationship with their primary law firms. This differs from the professional relationships that in-house counsel have with individual lawyers

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19 October 2020

Lawcadia launches intelligent engine to automate legal tasks

After notching 72 per cent revenue growth in FY20, legal Software as a Service (SaaS) group Lawcadia is striving for new heights with a product powered by machine learning.

The Brisbane-based company is already Australia’s leading provider of matter and spend management solutions for in-house legal teams and their law firms, but its platform has received a boost thanks to an intelligent engine 12 months in the making.

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17 March 2020

Gadens and Lawcadia launch Covid-19 legal workflow platform

National law firm Gadens and legal-tech company Lawcadia have launched a new service to help in-house legal teams keep above water as they enter the uncharted waters of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Founded by Warwick Walsh and Sacha Kirk, Lawcadia has been a major source of digital disruption in the legal sector, and won the Legal category in the Business News Australia Young Entrepreneur Awards 2019.

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25 Sep 2019

Lawcadia raises $1.3m in pre-Series A funding round

Legal technology company Lawcadia has received a $1.3 million capital injection to carry out global expansion and product development plans, building on a platform that is already used by all  of Australia’s top-tier law firms.

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18 October 2020

Lawcadia unveils new intelligent engine

Matter and spend management solutions provider Lawcadia has launched a new engine for legal departments and their law firms that will drive all aspects of its platform.

Lawcadia Intelligence has been unveiled, which incorporates machine learning with business logic and no-code automation, providing a powerful engine for Lawcadia’s end-to-end operating system.

In a statement, the provider said that the new plug-in architecture “allows for rapid product development, giving customers, partners and Lawcadia’s own development team the ability to build new plugins quickly”.

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17 March 2020

Lawcadia, Gadens team up to help in-house teams manage COVID-19

Legal tech company Lawcadia and Gadens have partnered to build a platform that aims to support legal departments to navigate a “tsunami” of pandemic-related legal issues.

Legal Workflow™, built by Lawcadia and Gadens, has been developed in response to the “deluge” of legal issues being faced by both corporate and government teams in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak.

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26 Sep 2019

Legal tech company gets $1.3m funding boost

A Brisbane-based legal technology company has recently raised over $1 million from numerous private investors.

In a pre-Series A round, Lawcadia has raised $1.3 million from a handful of private investors and Australian alternative investments and venture capital firm Artesian – marking one of the firm investments in the legal tech space for Artesian.

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20 Sep 2018

Future-proofing the role of GC – Embracing legal process optimisation

As economic conditions continue to bite, GCs all over the world are mandated with doing more with less. But when your headcount is low, how do you ensure standards and service delivery stay high?

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20 Mar 2016

Pricing transparency a major issue for in-house teams

As in-house teams come under pressure to cut their external legal spend, pricing certainty is more important than ever, the founder of Lawcadia has said.

Lack of visibility over future legal spend is a real issue for companies, Warwick Walsh, CEO and founder at Lawcadia, told Lawyers Weekly.

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29 Jan 2019

Taking a leadership role on data security, risk and governance

As the legal industry’s reliance on technology grows, so does its vulnerability to security attacks. Accordingly, the pressure on legal departments to institute and maintain reliable security processes is also rising.

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Beyond Billables

Sacha Kirk – Co-Founder & CMO of Lawcadia

In her role Sacha draws on over 15 years experience in marketing, brand strategy, innovation and professional consulting experience in Australia and the UK. Lawcadia is a legal technology company with a web-based platform in-house legal teams and their law firms can use to manage projects, matters and spend. We had a great chat about how the business was started, how they have been able to grow internationally, and what the future holds. As a fast growing legal technology company who has made real inroads both in Australia and internationally I was inspired to hear how  they backed themselves and have achieved great success.

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The Human Consultancy

Episode 27 with Warwick Walsh, CEO & Founder Lawcadia

Warwick is passionate about the lean start up philosophy and we talk in depth about the process of ideation, preparing for entrepreneurship and the multi-faceted skills needed to be a CEO and founder, which differs enormously from what was requires as a corporate lawyer.  He shares his insights on building his business, the future of legal careers, mentoring and leadership, and how he applies the principles of Build Measure Learn to all their strategy and products. Unusually his co-founder is also his wife who has a blue chip marketing background and he shares his insights on what it works so well for them and why some investors like it.

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10 may 2017

Congratulations to the innovative team at Lawcadia who have received $500,000 from the Palaszczuk Government’s Business Development Fund (BDF). They are the first legal startup to secure a BDF grant to advance their digital platform for businesses and government departments to find, engage and manage outsourced legal counsel. Already they’ve expanded their Brisbane-based team to 14 and are looking to go global! Already more than 60 law firms are registered on the Lawcadia platform and CEO Warwick Walsh expects that number to at least double in the next 12 months.

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05 May 2017

Innovative legaltech firm gets $500,000 funding boost

Treasurer and Minister for Trade and Investment Curtis Pitt today announced Brisbane-based legaltech company Lawcadia has received $500,000 from the Queensland Government’s Business Development Fund.

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Legal Technology

Office of the Queensland Chief Entrepreneur – The next generation of enterprise legal technology

For Warwick Walsh, that reaction was quitting his job and setting up Lawcadia, a company which is changing the way businesses interact with their legal service providers, and can already count Westpac and the Gold Coast City Council among its clients.

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8 May 2017

Lawcadia secures $500,000 and becomes Queensland Business Development Fund’s first legal startup investment

Brisbane-founded legal startup Lawcadia has secured another $500,000 in funding to bring its total investment raised over the past year to $1 million.

The investment comes from the Queensland government’s $40 million Business Development Fund and makes Lawcadia the first legal startup to secure one of its grants.

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31 May 2017

Online lawyers & digital disruption shaking up the legal profession

In Brisbane CBD, top barristers charge $50,000 for expert opinion. Just a few blocks away is a start-up using algorithms to prepare legal briefs for just a few hundred dollars in a move threatening to shake up the entire profession.

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27 May 2016

Brisbane firm Lawcadia lays down the law on legal cost blowouts

Former high-flying corporate lawyer Warwick Walsh is on a mission to ensure law firms don’t inflict the equivalent of “bill shock” on their clients. Mr Walsh earlier this year started a Brisbane company called Lawcadia that invites lawyers to tender for big cases through a centralised website, replacing the traditional method of laws firms providing an estimate of work that often turns out to be hopelessly wrong.

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