12 August 2021

Podcast: Using tech and innovation to scale a business


The Corporate Counsel Show: Using tech and innovation to scale a business

On this special episode of The Corporate Counsel Show, produced in partnership with Lawcadia and Lawyers Weekly, host Jerome Doraisamy and Lawcadia CEO Warwick Walsh discuss how best to grow a business and why technology and innovative thinking are so essential in achieving such growth.

Mr Walsh outlines how to build a culture of iteration and continuous improvement, the need to focus on the progress being made by one’s team, identifying and solving pain points, applying a mindset of client satisfaction and creating a triage of priorities.

The pair also reflect on the experience of Lawcadia in the age of the coronavirus, how law firms and in-house teams are using platforms and workflow automation like Lawcadia Intelligence to better navigate this period, and how such strange times have reinforced the value of agility and having a communicative culture.

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