8 May 2020

5 tips for great team engagement

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The past 8 weeks have been pretty intense and if you are like many of us at Lawcadia you are already counting down the days until schools re-open, along with community sport, sit-down meals at a restaurant or a high-intensity RPM class at the gym.

Getting back to ‘normal’ seems so close yet so far away at the same time. I am sure your teams are also feeling this, along with the weariness of working from home, the uncertainty for the future and also trying to keep motivated and productive on the work front. At Lawcadia we have developed some strategies that are certainly winning for us and thought we’d share what we are doing to keep our team engaged and to build culture and camaraderie.

  1. Daily team meetings for check-ins, updates and the chance to have a laugh. We ALWAYS have video on and dogs, cats, guinea pigs, kids are optional and especially the latter will often have a cameo role in the call. At each of these team meetings everyone contributes what they have done to support themselves or what they have done differently that they wouldn’t normally get to do. Sometimes this leads to an entertaining story about dog-grooming disasters, netflix binge shares, gecko phobias, #panicbuy updates, home-school #fails –  you get the picture!

  2. We also share what we achieved the prior day with work and what we are going to focus on today. Small wins are celebrated, support offered. This really helps to stay focused and motivated.

  3. Loads of communication via phone, slack, email, zoom, text message during the day. We also check in and check out via slack chat.

  4. A #random channel on slack is a great place to share funny meme’s, videos, antics of kids, pets and even our own #drivewaydancing (true story).

  5. Every Friday at 1pm we drop tools and get together for a chat, laugh and a virtual game on zoom. We love games from Jackbox.tv – Quiplash, Fibbage and Tee K.O are our favourites. We all use our mobile phones to play the games together and we get competitive and enjoy a good laugh to celebrate the end of the week. It feels good! If you are keen to give it a go this article gives some tips for playing Jackbox games remotely. Otherwise drop us a note and we can talk you through it 😊

Hopefully this gives you a few ideas to try to keep things interesting for your team. We are certainly coming out of this stronger and more cohesive than before, something we are really proud of.

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