8 April 2019

A new and improved user experience


Lawcadia debuts updated user experience

From the very first release, the Lawcadia Platform has been built around demonstrated user needs. Our latest release is no different, with ongoing  user feedback identifying ways to make the Platform (and by extension, our users) more efficient. From drag and drop documents to a more flexible dashboard, we’ve made some time saving changes designed to change your (working) life. Here’s what’s new.

Drag and drop documents

Your working day is jam packed, and the last thing you want to do is waste precious time searching for documents to attach to your matters. We get it, which is why you can now drag and drop your documents across the entire Platform with a single swipe.

A better view

Thanks to a new and improved dashboard, there’s now more than one way to view your matters. Toggle between individual and team views and take a look at your work through a different lens.

A central hub for your matters

Too many tabs open? View the information you need to know, attach documents, create tasks and update your matter status from the new centralised hub in Lawcadia Align.

Internal matter creation in a flash

Get your matters up and running in less than 20 seconds with one click internal scope creation. If you’re a Lawcadia Align user, you can log in now to check out the change.

Been a while since you’ve checked out the Platform?

We’d love to give you a fresh look. Get in touch today to book a demo and have a chat with us about your team’s needs.

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