22 November 2019

Accelerating the influence of legal in the business – the outcome!

Events News

Lawcadia co-hosted a fantastic round-table event with Lindy Muto of KPMG Law Australia on the 19th of November 2019 on the topic of “Accelerating the Influence of Legal in Business”.

Massive thank you to the panel speakers Jaine Cane (Chief Counsel, Asia & Emerging Markets, Thomson Reuters), Faith Forest (Founder, KPMG Upstarts) and Matt Herring (KPMG Partner, Technology & Growth for Deals, Tax and Legal) for an amazing panel discussion and to all the attendees for an interactive session. 

As a leader in the legal sector, we were delighted to co-host a thought-provoking discussion on how General Counsels and Legal Operations specialists can accelerate their influence across the organisation as a strategic partner of the broader business lunch with KPMG Australia.

General Counsels and legal operations specialists are increasingly expected to act as advisors to the business, growth generators and problem solvers. To be successful, you need to become an originator of innovation, develop a community of advocates, and implement sustainable change that delivers value.

We brought together experts from across the KPMG network to give access, in one setting, to best practice approaches to accelerating influence, driving innovation and sustainable change designed to unlock value for the business.

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