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Deakin Law School: Disruptive Innovation In Law

Legal Procurement
Legal Procurement

Lawcadia’s CEO & Founder, Warwick Walsh, is very proud to have been invited to speak at Deakin Law School’s prestigious law conference. This year the focus will be on Disruptive Innovation in Law.

Hosted by Deakin Law School, Centre on the Legal Profession, the 2017 Law Conference will feature expert speakers sharing cutting-edge insights into the contemporary legal profession and its future, including disruption within the Law Industry, the impact of technology on judicial services, and much more.

The conference hosted a number of remarkable keynote speakers and panellists including:

  • Justice Dhananjaya Chandrachud, Judge, Supreme Court of India
  • Ms. Chittu Nagarajan, Founder and Managing Director, Modria, USA
  • Shannon Salter, Chair of the Civil Resolution, Vancouver
  • Ross Paull, CEO, Guided Resolution Pty Ltd
  • Duncan Travis, Partner, Allens
  • Rhondda Nichols, Founder, Ozproperty Law
  • Peter Maloney, CEO, Global X
  • Stephanie Abbot, Director, Janders Dean
  • Justice Yashwant Varma, Judge, Allahabad High Court, India
  • Warwick Walsh, CEO & Founder, Lawcadia
  • Murray Bruce, Director, Geography Leader Asia Pacific and Aus and New Zealand, IBM Watson
  • Dr Allison Stanfield, Managing Director and Solicitor, SG Legal Services
  • Shaun Chung, Minter Ellison
  • Alex Solo, co-founder, SprintLaw
  • Justice Ravindra Bhat, Judge, High Court of Delhi, India
  • Justice Balbir Singh Chauhan, Chairman, Law Commission of India
  • Elizabeth Whitelock, CEO, Veriluma
  • Prof Ranbir Singh Vice Chancellor, National Law University, Delhi
  • Adrian Cartland, Principal, CartlandLaw
  • Michael Green, Senior Counsel, Founder and Director, BarNet JADE
  • MJ Cartwright, CEO, Court Innovations
  • Dr Imme Kaschner, Hive Legal
  • Professor Sandeep Gopalan, Dean, Deakin Law School
  • Kevin Miller, CEO, Legalsifter, USA

 Program Topics

  • The Future of Legal Services: The legal profession is being disrupted by technological developments that are changing the very nature of advisory work, client expectations, and financial models.
  • The law firm of the future: How are traditional firms and legal professionals responding? How to maintain the integrity of legal work and the lawyer-client relationship?
  • Technology in Australian Courts and Tribunals: The use of modern technology in Australian and Indian Courts and challenges