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International Women’s Day: Keynote Address By Co-Founder Sacha Kirk

International Women's Day: Keynote Address By Co-Founder Sacha Kirk
International Women's Day: Keynote Address By Co-Founder Sacha Kirk

Lawcadia’s co-founder Sacha Kirk was honoured to present the keynote address for International Women’s Day 2021 in Rockhampton, Australia. 

Hosted by international women’s advocacy organisation, Zonta International, the event provided an important opportunity to recognise, honour and celebrate the women who lead and inspire communities and organisations across the globe.

Ms Kirk shared her personal story and influences of growing up in rural Australia as well as her journey of entrepreneurship and co-founding Lawcadia.

“Lawcadia is focused on using to technology to transform the way that legal teams work with their law firms.  We want to make the industry more transparent, more efficient, and find solutions to time-based billing.

“We work with state government departments, local councils, major banks and insurance companies, not for profits and large listed companies. We also work with 150 law firms and counting.

“At times over the past 5 years we have been considered a disruptive force. For some this is a good thing and just what the industry needs whilst others are more fearful of change.

“I have learnt that I am passionate about innovation and forging a new economy for Queensland, one that creates new, highly skill jobs and a future industry.”

Ms Kirk outlined and shared 6 key learnings over the 5 years as an entrepreneur:

  • Starting a business, maintaining a business and growing it is harder than I ever imagined
  • There is risk in starting a new business, but there is also risk in traditional employment, and often this is forgotten by well-meaning friends and family who caution early stage entrepreneurs
  • Success does not happen in a vacuum and requires support of community and family
  • I have to look after my own physical and mental health and sometimes I need to make that a priority
  • Especially during COVID I learnt that I am capable of doing things that I never imagined I would be able to do and this is incredibly empowering
  • I learnt to network like a woman and I love it. Women network very differently to men. When I meet new people, instead of focusing on how they can help me, I focus on how I can help them and who can I connect them with in my network.

On the theme of leadership, Ms Kirk said “Following a year like no other, it is now more important than ever before for women to be in positions leadership”.

“Advancing women in leadership is central to creating more profitable and productive economies, successful businesses and a healthier and more peaceful planet.

“Women lift others up, women typically nurture and support others in their team as they work as a collective towards their objectives. Importantly female leaders show other women that it’s possible to reach the top.

Ms Kirk concluded by sharing part of an inspiring speech by US Vice-President Kamala Harris.

“Dream with ambition, lead with conviction, and see yourselves in a way others may not, simply because they’ve never seen it before. But know that we applaud you every step of the way.”

“Thank you Sacha for your excellent address – we have received lots of wonderful comments from attendees. Your achievements are commendable – you are an inspirational speaker,” said Zonta Vice-President Trish Collins.