4 June 2018

Introducing Siska Lund, Lawcadia Corporate Counsel

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“Lawcadia is shaking up the legal industry with its innovative legal technology. One of its key focuses is optimising legal service delivery. I’m really excited about what it’s doing in this space and how it’s using technology to transform legal procurement. It’s a great time to join the company as it embarks on a growth trajectory and scaling into new markets.”

With these fabulous words ringing in our ears, we’d like to introduce our new Corporate Counsel, Siska Lund.

A corporate lawyer and legal educator with extensive in-house experience, Siska has worked closely with key decision makers in a range of technology-based businesses. Having had the opportunity to explore and introduce legal technology to various legal teams, she’s a passionate innovator and change advocate who “gets a buzz out of solving problems, identifying opportunities and generally, helping businesses get ahead.”

Having experienced the twin pressures of doing more with less while figuring out how to best utilise technology, she understands all too well the sometimes overwhelming nature of digital transformation.

“As a lawyer, it can be daunting to embark on a legal-tech or digital transformation project if we’re not familiar with what sorts of technologies exist or where to begin,” she says.

“To be an effective lawyer or legal business partner, we need to be more than just a subject matter expert in particular areas of law. We need to fulfil a strategic function in terms of planning and executing ways to improve how we deliver services while simultaneously keeping up day-to-day transactional support for our clients.”

With this in mind, her advice for fellow corporate counsel navigating technological change is to “seek out help and collaborate with others who bring different backgrounds and skill sets to the table”.

It’s this change of pace, she says, that provides lawyers with “more opportunities for interdisciplinary experiences than ever before, which gives rise to the potentiality for more innovative thinking and the ability to shape a dynamic workplace culture”.

Having recently led the Lawcadia team through the changes imposed by the new GDPR regulations, Siska has already proven herself to be a steady anchor in a rapidly evolving environment and we look forward to her continued guidance in the future.

You can connect with Siska on LinkedIn here.

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