5 March 2019

Lawcadia Align is live

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Lawcadia releases new internal matter management system

Named Lawcadia ‘Align’, the new internal matter management system sits alongside Lawcadia’s existing external matter and spend management Platform, Lawcadia ‘Engage’.

Designed specifically for in-house teams, Lawcadia Align facilitates the building of a knowledge base and the development and application of processes that directly support a focus on value adding work.

The product came to be after a series of Lawcadia sponsored Design Thinking Workshops with existing and potential clients in late 2018.

In these workshops, participants clearly identified a desire for matter and project management systems designed specifically for corporate legal teams. Lawcadia Align was developed in direct response to this need, and with the end users’ objectives of efficiency and simplicity front of mind.

Having focused on the processes surrounding external engagement and spend management, it was a natural step for Lawcadia to focus on internal work and ‘close the loop’ for in-house teams, says Lawcadia CEO, Warwick Walsh.

“Offering in-house teams practical ways to manage their workloads through technology has always been our focus”, he says.

“Our external matter and spend management Platform is helping corporate teams critically analyse and transform the way they approach the outward movement of work, delivering efficiency and financial savings they are under increasing pressure to deliver.”

“It makes sense to now turn our focus inwards and help teams deal with the flow of internal matters, ensuring work done in house is completed as efficiently as possible. As headcounts stay static or even decrease, corporate teams are expected to juggle a raft of responsibilities. Accordingly, they’re looking for design smart technology that allows them to manage matters, prioritise tasks and deadlines, and store and share information in one secure location. Lawcadia Align delivers on all of these fronts.”

As the common refrain ‘do more with less’ is heard by in-house teams all over the world, the need for interconnected, easy to use, legal specific technology is growing. As this pressure extends beyond headcount and impacts budget, it’s imperative that the available technology is not only fit for purpose, but affordable.

Lawcadia has recognised this growing pressure and is offering Lawcadia Align to small teams at no charge, with affordable options for larger teams and those requiring specific customisations.

“Cost should not be a barrier to implementing time saving, efficiency supporting technology, which is why we’ve deliberately created this product under a freemium model” Walsh says.

“We hope that teams of all sizes are able to access at least some of the technology that suits their needs, without dealing with the additional headache of budgetary constraints.”

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