7 August 2019

Lawcadia releases high powered matter intake tool

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Lawcadia Connect is now live and streamlining the business to in-house workflow for legal departments

Create a centralised communication point between business and in-house and streamline the flow of legal requests. From triaging incoming legal requests to allocating matters and tasks across your team, Lawcadia Connect helps you establish processes that deliver results.


Control your communications

Make your way out of the email trail and connect your business to in-house via a secure, controlled Platform. Control the way legal requests are received and managed and configure intake forms according to work type, ensuring the legal team has the information it needs to get to work right away.


Make the most of your resources

Triage incoming legal requests, centralise the allocation of matters and action according to priority. Allocate matters and tasks across your team, ensure internal resources are used as efficiently as possible and eliminate time consuming duplications and double ups.


Close the loop

Create clarity for internal clients, manage expectations and ensure a smooth flow of key information from business to legal. Iterate and improve communication processes on the go and encourage consistent, efficient working processes.


Easy implementation for teams of all sizes

Whether your organisation is big, small or somewhere in between, our implementation and onboarding process has been designed with simplicity in mind. We’ll work with you to develop a tailored onboarding plan and deliver quick and easy remote or in-person training to your entire team. To learn more or arrange a demo, get in touch.


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