4 October 2018

Let your numbers tell the story

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Not sure when your matters are nearing, on, or over budget? Struggling to set, track and control your scope? The solution is closer (and easier to use) than you might think.

For the modern GC, tracking budgets and meeting financial objectives is par for the course. But without the right technology to hand, keeping on top of your numbers can be a case of easier said than done.

From tracking individual matter budgets, to viewing average costs over time and staying on top of scope changes as they occur, Lawcadia’s scope and budget reports give you the control and visibility you need to make smart financial decisions.

Designed specifically for corporate legal teams, our suite of automated reports span scope and budget, matters, tenders and spend. Beautifully presented and easy to read, they’re securely stored and available to your team at the click of a button.

To learn more about how the Lawcadia Platform can help you and your team make sense of your data, get in touch and arrange a demonstration today.


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