6 April 2022

3 benefits of managing matters directly from your inbox

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Many in-house lawyers are currently using their inbox to manage their matters and failing dismally as important issues, instructions, and emails fall through the cracks.

In an industry where time is a precious and costly commodity, the ability to perform multiple tasks without having to navigate away from the inbox is game changing. As outlined in this 2021 report, 76% of lawyers feel they are already overworked and in a heightened regulatory environment it is crucial that nothing is overlooked or missed. An Outlook integration with centralised matter, document, and email management, where all documents and communications are collated and accessible in the one place, could alleviate some of that pressure.

Let’s look at the three main benefits:

1. Time

The official definition of time-wasting is the act of causing someone to spend time doing something that is unnecessary or does not produce any benefits. Why not utilise modern technology tools available and upload your emails and documents directly into a matter, without navigating aware from your inbox? “What is that magic?” It is not actually magic (although our development team might like you to believe it is), it is an integration and automation between Microsoft Outlook and Lawcadia which makes this effortless for you. You no longer have to save email files manually or drag documents to folders, as this is done instantly, along with visual “pre-view” capability when you need to review saved emails. So much time saved!

2. Ease Of Use

‘Seamless’ is the word used when this new automation is demonstrated to lawyers and in-house counsel. With clearly visible steps in the process, the improvements in productivity are immeasurable. In addition, it comes with the ability to generate a new workflow straight from the inbox and single-click access to your most recent matters. It is intuitive and easy to use by lawyers, even those that aren’t technically savvy.

3. Convenience

Let’s be honest, you are spending most of your time in your inbox already. It’s not by choice, but a necessity. Why not harness that valuable resource into a multi-functional workspace? The simple convenience plus efficiencies that could be gained from working directly from the tool you are most comfortable in are endless.


With work overload and limited time being at the forefront of our minds, utilising technology to get your tasks done smarter and more efficiently should go without saying. At Lawcadia, we spearhead new innovations and partner with our clients to achieve intuitive, easy-to-use technology that delivers positive results. If you have ideas or are interested in exploring our latest developments and solutions, let’s talk.

“Time is money.” Benjamin Franklin.

Document and email management and enriched Outlook integration

Lawcadia now includes native document and email management with an enriched Outlook integration enabling greater productivity for legal teams and their law firms.

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