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Technology Over The Life Of A Matter

In the early days of legal technology, innovation was focused on private practice and supporting law firms. However, over the past decade, the emphasis has shifted.

What we are witnessing now in the legal industry is a surge in legal technology platforms that touch on different aspects of the legal operations functions for in-house teams.

As with change in any industry, this growth brings with it both challenge and opportunity.

The challenge

The challenge lies in navigating the breadth of technology providers and the solutions they offer. Some providers are newer to the industry and reflect new thinking, fresh perspectives and sharp platforms, while others have a depth of knowledge and networks that are hindered by older systems and interfaces.

Providers also have wide variations in security consciousness. To learn more about security and the importance of ISO certification, read this recent post.

The opportunity

A structured, future-oriented approach is helpful when navigating available legal technology solutions.

Some organisations we work with have a strong, formal legal technology roadmap, while others have a vaguer sense of what they are looking for.

Regardless of where your organisation sits, the best place to start is to identify and map out your current frustrations and pain points. With these front of mind, you can begin investigating how re-working existing processes or introducing new technologies can help you solve these issues.

General Counsel and their teams often talk to us about internal versus external matters. Given this distinction, we thought it would be interesting to explore at a macro level, the types of technology solutions available across the life all matters – i.e. wholly internal or external.

The results brought into sharp focus the fact that only a handful of technology providers incorporate the full spectrum from in-house, to external, to billing in their offerings.

For a graphic representation of how the Lawcadia Platform encompasses everything from internal project management to invoicing and analytics, check out the technology map below, or download as a PDF.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, so if you have comments or questions, or would simply like more information, get in touch using the contact form below.

Technology over the Life of a Matter Image

Download as a PDF