27 November 2023

In-house legal: The importance of crafting a compelling business case

Author: Sacha Kirk Insights Resources

Crafting a compelling business case is vital for General Counsels to highlight the importance of legal initiatives. It’s not just a document; it’s a strategic narrative that aligns a legal project’s objectives with the company’s overarching goals.

A well-prepared business case not only communicates the value of legal projects but also enhances the team’s visibility as key contributors to the organisation’s strategic direction.

Securing resources and budget

Securing sufficient resources and budget is a common challenge for in-house legal departments. Here’s where a persuasive business case comes into play. It communicates the value of projects and initiatives in terms the C-suite understands, delineating the expected return on investment, cost efficiency, or risk mitigation. This clarity empowers General Counsels to effectively advocate for the resources necessary to deliver critical legal strategies.

Navigating the legal landscape

The legal environment is in a constant state of flux, with the rapid emergence of new regulations and technologies. A comprehensive business case offers a proactive framework for evaluating and responding to these changes. It serves as a tool that not only assesses legal risks and compliance demands but also positions the organisation to navigate uncertainties and capitalise on emerging opportunities.

Collaboration as a cornerstone

The development of a business case is inherently collaborative, drawing inputs from various departments. This collaborative approach enriches the document with multifaceted perspectives and forges stronger ties between the legal department and the broader business. Engagement with finance, IT, HR, and operations ensures that legal department plans align with the organisation’s goals, benefiting from an integrated understanding of what is required for success.

Accountability and transparency

A thoughtfully prepared business case reflects the legal department’s dedication to accountability and transparency. It sets out clear, quantifiable criteria for judging the success of planned initiatives, permitting an objective analysis of outcomes. This level of clarity is essential for corporate governance and will also resonate with key stakeholders.


For General Counsels, a business case is not mere paperwork—it’s a strategic asset. It articulates the significance of legal initiatives, secures necessary backing, and cements the legal department’s role in the organisation’s success. Recognising the importance and influence of a well-crafted business case is essential for legal leaders to manage the intricacies of their role and effect significant organisational transformation.

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