30 April 2018

The Legal Department’s Guide to Legal Procurement

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In a bid to deliver an agile, responsive legal service, General Counsel around the world are increasingly turning to legal operations and legal procurement professionals to help source and engage professional legal services.

Having realised procurement and legal ops can help deliver more than just cost savings, in-house teams are embracing data, developing KPIs and exploring legal technology designed to streamline and strengthen their relationship with external counsel. And the benefits speak for themselves.

In-house legal teams are highly experienced at undertaking legal work and briefing out legal matters. However, what legal procurement does is examine the process for the buying and provision of services; in other words, how external legal work is engaged and managed. With greater insight, data and controls, the legal team can save time, save money and reduce much of the frustration involved with managing law firms.

In the Legal Department’s Guide to Legal Procurement, we explore the concept of legal procurement and its growing impact on the legal industry and identify simple strategies you and your team can start implementing today. It’s a must-read for any legal team wanting to streamline and strengthen their relationships with external counsel and is free to download today.

Legal department's guide to legal procurement.

A concise overview of the legal procurement lifecycle, benefits, change processes
and important tips and resources to get you started on the legal procurement journey.

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