26 May 2021

Under the Hood: Lawcadia Intelligence Webinar


Lawcadia Intelligence™ is Lawcadia’s new intelligent platform engine that combines no-code automation and machine learning to power its best-in-class matter and spend management platform.

In this interactive webinar we will take you on a deep dive into how Lawcadia Intelligence drives all aspects of the platform, explore popular solutions and workflows that in-house legal teams are loving, along with a good look under the hood of the intelligent engine for all those who appreciate beautiful technology!

This interactive webinar will showcase:

  • Intelligent matter intake, triage and self-service
  • How easy it is to use built-in document automation
  • How matter management and automation are better together
  • How automation and decision logic can take outside counsel engagements to the next level
  • How to use BI reporting for oversight and better decision making



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Transform your legal operations with the matter and spend management system built for in-house teams and their law firms with intelligent intake, workflow automation, document automation and BI reporting.

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