13 June 2018

Lawcadia shares new animated videos

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At Lawcadia we are always looking for new and interesting ways to talk about our Platform and the innovative solutions we offer our clients. We have selected a series of short videos to showcases some of Lawcadia’s features and benefits.


Transforming Legal Operations

Rather than addressing one single function, Lawcadia focuses on the core operational needs of legal departments and their law firms.


Legal Procurement

Manage legal panels and RFPs, control scope, capture data and evaluate performance.

Legal Project Management

Collaborate on scope and budget and allocate resources more efficiently



Legal Spend Management

Lawcadia captures data throughout the process of engaging law firms and then, post-engagement, focuses on scope and budget, so that in-house legal teams always know exactly what is spent, what is WIP and what spend is still to come. Sophisticated reporting at a click of a button means you can say farewell to complicated excel spreadsheets…


Relationship Management

The relationship between in-house legal teams and their law firms is crucial and Lawcadia’s Platform has been built with relationship front and centre. A two-sided interface, it requires in-house teams and their law firms to work together to progress matters through the Platform. Simple, automated workflows save time, and sophisticated reporting provides key insights.


Business Process Improvement

Lawcadia streamlines business processes to help in-house legal teams save time, reduce frustration, allocate resources effectively and capture accurate data.

Strategic Planning

Efficient and effective legal operations is impossible without a long term plan. The Lawcadia Platform empowers legal teams with the right data and reporting to undertake strategic planning, set goals and continuously improve.

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