20 April 2021

Lawcadia announces document automation for self-service and legal team efficiency


Australian legal technology company Lawcadia announces built-in document automation features to meet the growing demand for automation as legal departments face work over-load.

In recent research of legal department leaders, 87% confirmed that their teams spend too much time on low complexity, routine tasks, and 76% said that they find it challenging to manage current workloads. It has become apparent that self-service strategies and automated processes, including document automation, must now be considered essential.

To help the legal function ‘do more’, legal workflow automation experts Lawcadia have expanded their matter and spend management capabilities to include document automation.

Lawcadia chief executive officer and founder Warwick Walsh said, “Automating repetitive documents in conjunction with our exceptional intake and workflow automation capability is saving legal teams significant time and improving their client service delivery”.

Utilising the firm’s intelligent automation engine, Lawcadia IntelligenceTM, legal teams can deploy automated document generation so internal clients can fill in their information and immediately access a draft contract or agreement in a matter of minutes via self-service. The legal team can also opt to receive and review the generated documents or out-source to an external provider.

“With some more complex agreements taking up to two hours to prepare, adding document automation to a legal department’s tool kit means a more streamlined experience for internal clients as well as in-house lawyers,” said Mr Walsh.

“Our document automation is quite simple to implement and isn’t onerous on the legal team, which is a common criticism of other solutions. For example, we set up our own mutual NDA with document automation in about 10 minutes, which was just fantastic,” he said.

With a number of organisations already implementing Lawcadia’s document automation capability, Mr Walsh said he is excited at the level of interest by corporate and government legal departments which reflects a growing appetite for automation and transformation.

Discover easy-to-implement document automation.

Document automation, in conjunction with Lawcadia’s intake and workflow automation, can save time and improve client service delivery.

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