5 April 2016

Download our Guide to Managing Legal Costs



For six months in 2015 and early 2016 Lawcadia conducted extensive face to face qualitative market research in Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, UK and USA with in-house counsel and other clients of law firms to explore in detail their main frustrations when engaging and managing law firms.

The most common frustration shared was the difficulty that clients have in managing legal costs. While some of the clients that we spoke to have found ways to manage these issues, the vast majority are unable to get the visibility that they need over their legal costs.

Lawcadia’s Guide to Managing Legal Costs  will identify some simple practices that can help you manage your legal costs, such as:

  • Scope
  • Project Management
  • Efficiency
  • Financial Reporting Framework
  • Learning and Accountability

Our Guide also has a checklist of some simple tips to help you get control of your legal budget.

some simple practices that can help you manage your legal costs”



Download the introduction to
legal procurement.

An easy to digest overview of legal procurement for professionals
not intimately acquainted with the legal industry.

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